Letters associating multiple choice questions on all my slides

How do I easily take all my slides and add letters (A,B,C,D etc. in front of each of my mutilple choice questions. I have spent some time trying to insert letters in front of the radial button but have not been able to do it.

It would seem that would be important since most mutiple choice quizzes have an option saying A & B  or  C&D are the correct answers.    

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David Murphy

Hi. I'm using Articulate 360 Presenter, and I don't see that the Quizmaker has an option to auto-create the letters in front of the options; it's certainly NOT a default if it exists. Did I overlook it? Articulate 2013 has this as the default. Currently, I'm revising 21 courses and upgrading would be fairly easy if it weren't for the fact that each has an exam of about 50 questions. Adding in a letter in front of each option is not only tedious, but borders on being ridiculous since computers are made to automate things and eliminate such redundant tasks.

Here, you try:

My MC choices (finish the sentence)...

o look strange, because they have no letters.
o require that I insert my own letters.
o have the letters hidden for some unknown reason.
o don’t have letters because the programmer overlooked them.
o A, B, C, and D (Whoops! No letters!)