Sound dissapears, or cuts out randomly throughout the video

Dec 21, 2022

Hi,  I have noticed that this appears to be an ongoing thing (saw posts from 8 years and under with this same subject) but I am facing the issue as well.

When recording a video that is more than a few minutes (15-20 minutes) the sound seems to vanish every now and then - the audio track has no wave - ranging from 1 second up to 5 seconds of information. This happens more than once in the same video which defeats the purpose. Also, from time to time, the audio will be jaded it cuts and comes back immediately making you sound like a distressed robot and impossible to understand what you are saying.  

I am saving to local disk - Using a USB connected MIC directly into laptop (a YETI or sometimes a headset) - the issue is in Replay as well as the published MP4. 

If a solution cannot be found, we will have to choose another solution for our capsules as the people recording them are specialists and are not able to have to redo a 20 minute video four times each time. I love Replay, its so easy to operate but this is unfortunately a deal breaker for us at this point. We do use articulate for eLessons but cannot use it for the capsules we need to have someone explain and share their screen to do a system walk-through demo.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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