Accessibility with 360 image slides.

Jul 27, 2023

Hello all,

Looking for some feedback here with specific focus on accessibility and the use of 360 images.

Can anyone with some experience with this please take a look at the story and give me their thoughts.

As an FYI, this is not a fully completed story, there are lots of placeholders, and some design elements that have nothing to do with accessibility that will need some attention as development continued but wanted to take a pause and just do an accessibility check.



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Luciana Piazza

Hello Ari, 

Thanks so much for reaching out! As a starting out point, I'd love to share this article to assist you: 

Storyline 360: Adding Accessibility to 360° Images

This article will explain some helpful tips to add accessibility to your course.

I'm looking forward to seeing the feedback you'll receive from our community!