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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Michele!

You'll want to first insert a text box, then click Insert > Symbol. When the Symbol window appears, choose Font: Arial and Subset: Mathematical Operators.  You can see that the "Less than or equal to" symbol is selected there in orange, and the "Greater than or equal to" symbol is to the right of it. I hope this helps!

Emma Trantham

I'm now having a problem with this.

I can't find it in the mathematical operator section and if I type in the ASCII decimal code it just brings up a blank space (tried for Arial and Times New Roman).  I have definitely used this character before, but now it doesn't seem to be there?

Any help much appreciated!

Trying to find character

Wendy Farmer

I'm seeing the same behaviour Emma.

There is no 'Mathematical Operators' in the subset list when font is selected as Arial however there is with Times New Roman. 

I can't see a greater than or less than sign and  entering the Character code 2264 as per Alyssa's diagram above doesn't return anything. 

I see you have the greater than equal to in your recently used, when you click that does it insert it correctly onto the slide?

Alicia Wallace

Please could you update on how these symbol names are working out Leslie? I need to know that our content will be screenreader accessible and currently it isn't. Among other problems (changing font to be able to draw particular symbols is described by the screenreader) there are unicode symbols that appear to be completely missing (almost all arrows, for instance https://www.key-shortcut.com/en/writing-systems/35-symbols/arrows) and those that are present don't necessarily show (from symbol 00AD - appears as a blank space in my storyline 360 text box)

Lauren Connelly

Hi Alicia!

Our team is still investigating this issue where the incorrect names are shown for specific symbols. I'm so sorry this is affecting your project! 

The symbols missing from the course is a different issue that I've not heard of. Would you mind sharing your file with our team so we can investigate further? To share your file, please use this link!

As always, when we have an update for this bug we'll report back to this discussion!