Aggregating journal notes

Apr 29, 2021

While practicing journal creation based on David Anderson's video, Articulate 360: Advanced Actions, it occurred to me that it would be nice to be able to review all journal/note entries all in one place. Is there a way to aggregate each set of notes from the individual data(text) entry interactive objects? In my mind, it is some kind of bulletized list that auto-populates for each note taken in the individual slide layers.

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David Anderson

Hi Gray - You can do aggregate the notes by placing the related variable references together on the same slide or series of slide layers. The notes you're capturing are stored in the text variable and can be presented anywhere in the same project using their associated variable references.

If you want to share an example of what your'e trying to do, I'd be more than happy to help you figure it out.

Dr. Gray Addison

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly David. After reading your response it just clicked in my brain; what I'm asking for is just like referencing someones name from chapter two of the same video, only it is moving a larger amount of text. I've attached a couple pics, but basic stuff for you. Use them any way you want to. Thanks again!

Jamie Bell

@David Anderson - Where is this video to watch? I watched your entire course "Advanced Actions" on LinkedIn, but I did not see anything about journal entries. It covered text boxes and entering names. I'm trying to find the best way to standardize reflection questions/note taking for all the Rise courses I create for my company. 
And, by the way, the course on LinkedIn was GREAT! I'm just still looking to problem solve the best look/options for capturing reflections.

David Anderson

Thanks for the fantastic comments, Jamie! Here's where you can find the course with the learning journals. The course you found is the more recent, updated version that I recorded in Storyline's updated interface. I switched out the learning journal lesson from the original course with the compare text entry answers. The lessons use the same variable techniques, but I wanted to mix things up for the updated course.

We hosted a weekly challenge on learning journals. Here's the link to the challenge and the recap post with the examples.

To print your slides, check out the great help and source file Owen Holt shared: