Hello I have a module I am adapting for 508 compliance. (a topic to which I'm quite new).

The request is to leave text boxes visible in the focus order, but without any alternate text. I have deleted the alternate text OVER AND OVER (using both the accessibility tab and the focus order tab), and everytime I save an reopen the course, the alternate text appears again.

This doesnt happen for all text boxes, but for most of them.

Anyone has any idea why this is happening?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Angie!

I'm happy to help! By default, the Alternate Text in the Focus Order is blank. The Alternate Text in the Accessibility pop-up includes the text in the text box. If you don't want the Alternate Text to appear in the Accessibility pop-up, you can erase the text and add a space.

However, most accessibility guidelines encourage alternate text, even with text boxes. When using text boxes, the alternate text is generally the text in the text box. 

Please let me know if you have additional questions!