Are there any plans to add 3D Models to SL?

Jan 24, 2023

My company has restrictions on using websites to store 3D models so embedding one as a web object isn't an option. I have been using a few work arounds by taking snapshots of 3D models in PPT at different angles, adding them as states, and then developing triggers for either a dial or scroll bar, etc. I have also used PPTs morph transition exported as a video and inserted into a SL slide. Both options are pretty tedious. It would be super nice to have the option of inserting 3D models directly into a slide!

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Christopher Adams

For budgetary reasons we cannot purchase 3D models online so much of what we use are stock images found within PPT, or ones we create/edit with Paint 3D. We cannot use any external websites in our material either as our IT/security department won't allow. 

I want to be able to add a 3D model directly into a SL slide with full rotational capability instead of using images of each angle and a slider or dial to show each layer. I know that this is not an option yet for SL, but I was curious if there were any plans on adding it. This would be a great tool to add.

Henry Huynh

Hello, the best way you can add the 3D object to Storyline is by using the web object function. However, you need to prepare many different Javascript files to support the 3D object display perfectly in Storyline. Because Storyline will not be able to load the texture, material, or light by default, it only displays a black 3D object. Here is my result.