Audio over multiple slides in Storyline

Feb 21, 2013

I know that in Articulate Storyline you have to break up your audio by slide. I have some music I'd like to play over multiple slides. When I break up the music by slide though there seems to be a half second delay between slides which makes the music sound choppy, Is there any fix for this? I welcome any and all ideas

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Steve Flowers

One of the cool things about this setup, you can control the audio (starts, stops, volume, loads) through a JavaScript trigger.

If you're able to place the js library files somewhere central ( you can add the JS include line to every publish by editing your player template (in Storyline's install directory). Once you've done this you don't need to do any surgery after publish. Everything can be added / done through JavaScript, provided you've added your media files to the package or can reference them somehow. 

I've had some luck adding media files to the resources before publish. Files retain their name under story_content/external_files.

Leonard Puglia


This sounds like a great way to navigate around an issue that surely should be a standard feature.

I have followed your link and make out some understanding between your posts and the link provided - however I don't know much about JS and HTML - I'm very much a GUI person.

Is there a "guide for dummies" that exists to make this work?

I have an audio file (elevator music) that I'm trying to get to play over the first 5 slides of my course.

At the moment, I have had to slice and dice the audio file for each slide to make it "sound like" a continuous audio file - but as you can imagine, the results come off quite amateurish. 

Any additional assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Jackson Hamner


Here's a demo I created of a workaround for this in storyline 2. I called it background music, but its just a way to play an audio track across multiple slides. I think the demo is pretty much what Steve was suggesting but using the <audio> tag instead of a soundmanager plugin.

Hope this helps!

Math Notermans

The way i do this ( not only for audio, but also continuously animated backgrounds and video ) is preparing 2 separate Storyline files. 

- 1) bg.story.   your background file..a 1 page file with seamless audio, video or animations

-2) slides.story. Your actual storyline slides with several pages..

-3) publish your slides.story to html when ready

-4) import your published html as webobject into the bg.story

now you have seamless background audio or video, with a nice flexible setup

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

That's a solution I hadn't heard before for the background audio in Storyline - I'm curious if you have an example to share of how this looks once set up so that others in the community could take a look. Does the background file include a long timeline to have the audio or the functionality to loop it by jumping to the same slide again and replaying? 

Richard Presley

Ashley, I was able to create a bg.story file at Math described and then set it to loop using a trigger to play media when the media ended. This permitted a nice fade out-fade in transition so it sounded seamless. 

My question for Math is how do I set the bg.story so that the embedded HTML file fully fills the stage area? 

Math Notermans

Hi Richard,

For audio...  put your speakers so wide from eachother that your sure they cover any screen resolution... ;-) Just kidding on that one...

If you got images or video...  make sure both bg.story and slides.story are the same size and big enough to cover the stage area. Another option might be using CSS to create a looping bg in the bg.story.

linda vetter

I am searching this topic, as I am about to present internally on my work-around for this. The course I was doing was short - an animated video of sorts. So, rather than putting the content on different slides, I made one slide with all the content on it. This way I could run one audio file in the background. Make for an 'intense' Timeline - but it worked. I was able to use the other features of Storyline that programs like GoAnimate did not accommodate and have audio playing throughout.

This portion of my course ended up being 159 seconds long.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Linda!

Articulate Storyline doesn’t support background music or audio that spans across multiple slides. When you import a PowerPoint presentation into Storyline that includes Articulate Presenter playlists, the playlists won't be imported.

Not sure if you are looking for community feedback or just popping in to share the status of your project. 

I'm sure the community would love to check it out if you could share :)