Best Way to Place Articulate files in Moodle


I used Blackboard LMS for years and was able to have choices in how I wanted to place my Articulate files because of the File Manager tool. I would often upload the files to the File Manager then link to the story.html file from within an HTML content page so that it was either embedded or opened in a new window.

Now that I'm using Moodle, I'm unsure of the best way to place Articulate files. It seems as though I have to publish by LMS and import a SCORM file into Moodle. The problem with SCORM files in Moodle is that I can't link them within another page and they open up in an interface which has other stuff around it and makes the user click Enter before opening the file. Screenshot attached. In my opinion, this is too many clicks and too many distractions.

Any thoughts?

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Teo Karageorgakis

You can reduce the amount of clicks through the settings. Click the icon at the top right corner that looks like a gear and then go to the appearance section. Next click at the "show more" which is at the lower part of the appearance section. Set Disable preview mode to Yes ,set  Display course structure on entry page to No and finally set Display course structure in player to Disabled. This will make it look far better.

Besides alter the display method entirely by changing the Display package from Current Window to New Window.


Erin Blauvelt

Ok, this helped reduce the clutter, but I still have to click the link from the homepage, then click "Enter" for it to open in a new window. Any way that I can get it to automatically open in a new window upon clicking on it from the homepage? Screenshot attached of what I not get. Also, any way that I can grab the URL of this so that I can place the link to it within a page? So that as learners are reading through material they can click on the interaction to open it.

Jonny Kowal

I worry about the same thing but can't find a straight answer anywhere - last ditch effort! I essentially want my articulate creation to completely hide moodle's interface. Student's log in and bam, they are in the articulate interface with no moodle elements floating around the window. Help and insight needed psle! And thank you

Filipe Adão

Hey guys!

I just found a brief solution for viewing SCORM full screen in Moodle using javascript. My blog is in Portuguese, but it is well explained with images and codes so that you can apply even without being developers.

I hope it helps!