Can I insert a PDF into a course slide?

Hi All, 

Does anyone know if I can add a PDF document to be viewed as a slide?

I want to insert a glossary into my course and I would like to do this using a lightbox slide which contains a table which is pdf's word doc.

I can't see an option to insert a doc so I'm wondering whether this is not something that is achievable in Storyline?



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Drew K

Hi Will,

Im actually not sure why that would be.   The link in the resources of the player is just a weblink that should be accessible anywhere, such as a web obhect or hyperlink button in storyline?

Only other thing I can maybe think of, and not sure what would happen, is if the storyline is published again, does your LMS maybe change the link to that resource?

Vincent Scoma

Hey Katie,

That is odd that your learners see a greyed-out box when using Safari. I tested this out in a demo course with a PDF web object, and it appeared fine for me. 

Is this happening for every course that is viewed in Safari or just a couple of courses? What might be happening here is that the hosting website where the documents are located are not secure

With your permission, could you share the troublesome .story files in this thread here for further troubleshooting? If you prefer to send them privately, please feel free to connect with our Support Engineers! We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look.

Vincent Scoma

Hey Ali,

Thank you for letting me know!

What kind of hyperlink are you using for the PDF file? Is it an HTTP link? If so, you will want to be sure the content is being hosted on a secure site. 

If it is hosted on a secure site but you are still not able to see the PDF file, please let me know! 

Katie Stripe

HI Vincent,

Good call - I think you are right. I am running two separate instances of Blackboard and the content works in one and not the other.

The one in which the content works has the little padlock in the search bar and the other doesn't so I guess I need to sort that out with our technical team.

Thanks for the nudge though!


Rebecca McGlynn

Hi I'd like some help with this! It should be very basic but I cannot work out how to link to a PDF file (currently stored on my PC) using an object that the user clicks on to open the PDF in a new tab! The published file will be delivered via an LMS.

I was told and have seen from googling that when you create the link (using the trigger) Storyline apparently stores the PDF file within the published output files - however this is not the case. There's no external file content in there!

I've tried using the resources within the player which isn't although isn't ideal (as we really don't want the resources tab visible in the course) it still didn't work. I've tried copying the files to the published output folder but that still doesn't work! Help please!

Also as I've been reading through this thread the lightbox feature sounds like a great idea - but that earlier link doesn't work - would be great if that could be explained too! Would it work to allow the user to download a copy of the PDF to their device?


Rebecca McGlynn

I just worked it out! I thought I'd tried everything,... Just in case anyone else needs this: I saved the trigger file name as story_content/filename.pdf then in the zipped output open the story_content folder (which doesn't include an external files folder) add the document (with the same file name there). Relieved - it's been annoying me for ages...

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rodney,

It looks like you are replying to Katie's issue and further reading shows that she seemed to have a mixed security issue.

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Ali Zhanje

Hey Rodney,

I couldn't get much help from Aritculate on this. It was like pulling teeth, finally got a screen recording from someone that helped but also this blog post REALLY help. I'm a visual learner and this was perfect.