Closed Captions in Full Screen not working

Dec 20, 2017

I have published a story file to 360 Review that contains video set to view in a new browser window. This video contains some closed captions.

The captions do not appear when viewing the file in a new window in 360 Review. However, they do appear if viewing it in slide.

Is it possible to view closed captions on a video when it is playing in a new browser window?

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for reaching out, Mark. Tell me more about the video you're using: is it embedded from the web, or is it uploaded to your slide as a MP4 file? 

Also, are the captions part of the video, or did you use the closed caption built-in editor to add the captions yourself?

If you can help me with a few more details, I can try and recreate this in a new file. Thanks!

Kerrin Smith

I'm having the same problem. I recorded my screen in Storyline 360 and added captions using the built-in editor. The captions are displayed if the video is viewed in slide, but not if I have the video open in a new browser window. I have to use the browser option, so the text on the screen is visible, and I need to provide closed captions. Is there any update on the status of this problem?



Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kerrin and everyone.  I know it took a while to get you an update on how the video with captions should work if opened in a new browser window. 

When videos are opened in the slide, they are taking advantage of the player and the HTML "wrapper" which allows Storyline to overlay the video with captions.  Opening video in a new browser tab only shows the media source and doesn't include player elements, such as closed captioning.

To show Storyline closed captioning, you'll want to open video files in the slide.

Kerrin Smith

Hi Crystal,

Thank you so much for your reply. I'm so sorry to learn there is no way to make the captions work if a video is opened in a new browser window. This is really unfortunate, since most of my screen capture videos are essentially illegible unless they are opened in a new browser window and expanded. I wish I had known this upfront, since now I've spent a lot of time adding captions that will never display. Perhaps the 'Edit Captions' tab of the Video Options could be disabled when the user chooses to show video 'in new browser window'.

To get around this problem it looks like I will need to add a text box object on top of my video with many states that change as the video advances. And I'll probably add a button to display or hide the box. So much more work....

Is there any discussion of adding this functionality in future updates?

Thanks, again!



Vivian Deitz

I am having the same issue.  Any chance this has been corrected?

I tried to publish my content in Storyline 360 and the closed captions are not appearing.  I've read a string of  responses regarding this issues and still no success. Based on one of the suggested responses in a 'Discussion string;' regarding the closed captions issues, I had content posted locally. but moved it to my network drive, republished, and closed captions are still not appearing Please help?  Thank you kindly.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Vivian!

Are you trying to display captions on a video that is opened in a new browser window? 

Captions won't display on videos in a new browser window because the video is outside the player, and the captions are part of the player. 

Let me know if that's what you're experiencing, or if it's something else!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Adam. Thanks for adding your voice!

Your feedback is valuable, and I can understand your need for this kind of feature. We take all of this into consideration as we prioritize and plan for future enhancements.

A feature that would allow captions to display on videos in a new browser window is not on our immediate roadmap. However, if we add this feature in a future update of Storyline 360, we promise to update everyone in this discussion.

Jim Beaudoin

Agree.. this has been a waste of time troubleshooting now that I know captions are not supported outside the player.  Government departments now require closed captioning in all eLearning due to disability services legislation.    I hope this can be remedied soon or it does make SL 360 much less appealing. 

Melanie Elick

Like others, I wish I had known about this before I starting creating all the captions. 2 years after the original post and still the functionality has not been added. This is a real disservice to individuals that need support, but don't have  ADA provided readers. Can you please revisit this topic?