Closed Captions Missing

We experience a problem with Storylines Closed Caption. In some cases the captions are missing.

We have the following setup: A course in two languages. The user can choose the language at the beginning (and can change the language by navigating back to that slide). In one language (A) we display Storyline captions with the videos, the other laguage (B) has no captions. The language is stored in a Text variable so we can use it as a trigger condition. 

When we start in language A see some pages, then change the language to B and go to a Slide with a video. Then we close the course and reopen and it happens that in some cases the captions then are missing althoug the Player.DisplayCaptions variable is set to true (I double checked that with references). And we also had it the other way around so that captions are there when they should not if we start with B and change to A.

We also found that navigating to another slide and come back resolves the problem. Reload the Slide (with a jump to the same slide does not fix the problem). So it looks like there is a bug with reloading the same page and captions. 

The course is set to always resume. We saw the problem in Internet Explorer. 

Has anyone else similar problems with missing closed captions?

I send a bug report as well. 

Please Articulate help :)

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Ren Gomez

Hi Margit,

Thanks for reaching out, and great call to open a case! It looks like my teammate, Jopney, has done some extensive testing on your file and has come across this bug:

Closed captions are missing upon resume when the course is configured to Always Resume even if the variable 'Player.DisplayCaptions' is set to True.

For now, you'll have to change your resume setting to Prompt to Resume, but we'll be sure to let you know when there's a fix in place for this bug!