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Crystal Horn

Hi Siga. Thanks for confirming. We are investigating a bug where the color picker is not working in Storyline 360 when there is more than one monitor. We'll keep you posted on any changes to this behavior!

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Kriss Laber

Same problem. I have two monitors and no matter what color I hover over when using the More Colors pallet, I get gray. Zett's suggestion of holding the right, then clicking the left button did work because I have a PC. I was not trying to repeat the color, but to capture the formula to use on a companion piece. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kriss,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you're running into this issue as well and for confirming that you are using two monitors. 

This is still an open issue with our team.

The issues seem to happen when using:

Format Shape > Color > More Colors > Click the Eyedropper

Using the following may work better for you:

Format Shape > Color > Eyedropper

Dean Peters

Hi Leslie,

I have been experiencing the same issue.  Your work around of "Format Shape > Color > Eyedropper" yields the same error on my end.
I am using a laptop with two extra monitors.  I believe I am finding that if I have the application on the 3rd screen, I can find the appropriate colour from the dropper, by pointing the cursor about a hands length to the left and slightly up (i know that isn't incredibly helpful).

Amanda Olson


We have been having this issue for months with Storyline 360, and what finally worked for us was a combination of the above suggestions:

  1. When testing the laptop in isolation, before you shut down the laptop, shut down Storyline, or disconnect the external monitors, make sure the storyline app window has been moved over to the laptop screen. You can move it back to the external monitors after restarting it.

    (When testing the laptop only for functionality, our developer still had the same eyedropper issue because she left the app window open on her external monitors when shutting down the computer or disconnecting the monitors. If she moved the app window over to the laptop before disconnecting from the external monitors, the eyedropper worked fine on the laptop.)
  2. Make sure that you actually disconnect the monitors, not just turn them off, when testing Storyline on your laptop. (The Storyline eyedropper wouldn't register, even on the laptop screen, if we simply turned off the external monitors.)
  3. Set all your display settings, including the laptop, to 100% (And it may work to simply make them all consistent. We didn't test 125% across the board, but that may work, too.)
  4. After resetting all your display settings to 100%, you have to restart Storyline for them to take effect within the app. (The rest of the display changed immediately, so we didn't initially think it worked until we tried restarting Storyline after changing the settings.) 

Hope this helps someone. The struggle is real...

P.S. Neither changing how we accessed the eyedropper nor the mouse button workarounds mentioned above worked for us. As also mentioned above, the eyedropper seemed to be selecting colors from several inches (a "hands width") away from the curser.

Ren Gomez

Hi Everyone,

Apologies, as it looks like we missed this discussion when the update came out. I just wanted to let you all know that the issue where the Eyedropper tool wouldn't always select your chosen color when using multiple monitors with different DPI settings was fixed in Update 30 of Storyline 360. Please ensure you’re on the latest update to get this function working correctly!

If you find yourself still running into this issue, please reach out to our support engineers to help troubleshoot your setup and find a solution!

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Sophie!

We fixed the issue where the color picker would not work correctly with multiple monitors in Storyline 3 (Update 7) and Storyline 360 (Update 30).

You can find your tool's update detail by clicking on the Help tab, then About StorylinePlease let us know if you're running into trouble with a recent update. We're ready to help!

T.J.  Barber

Just thought I'd chime in that the issue on the most recent version of Storyline 360 is still occurring. I have multiple monitors and switching between 

Format Shape > Color > More Colors > Click the Eyedropper
Format Shape > Color > Eyedropper

Yields different results, but often not the correct color picker location still. Adjusting both the laptop and external monitor to the same % scaling seems to work, but it causes the entire rest of my work flow to become problematic (as they are pretty different in size).

Ren Gomez

Hi T.J.,

Thanks for chiming in and sharing what you're experiencing! I'm sorry you're running into issues with the eyedropper when using multiple monitors with different DPI settings.

After further testing post-Update 30, we were able to spot this recurrence and determined it is a known issue. For now, you'll have to keep similar DPI settings for the eyedropper to work correctly. I'm sorry if this is slowing you down, but we'll be sure to reach back out with updates to share!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thanks for reaching out for an update and letting us know that you are running into a similar issue.

Our team did some further testing and determined that the issue was specific to:

  1. Multiple monitors/display
  2. Monitors each using different DPI settings

Does this fit your experience as well? If so, please be sure the display settings are the same for your monitors.