Completed course status resets in SCORM Cloud

May 25, 2022

I've got a SCORM 2004 3rd Ed test file I'm testing on SCORM Cloud. After speaking with support at SCORM Cloud I have been making sure to set my status as passed (not completed) and modifying scormdriver.js to set this parameter: EXIT_SUSPEND_IF_COMPLETED=true; This has prevented completed courses from completely resetting to the point that no resume data is loaded and I have to start from the beginning. The problem I'm running into now is the status itself. I have two slides in my test file, they both reset to initial state, the second slide completed the course on slide start. I can complete, exit and relaunch without resetting my status. The issue occurs if I complete the course then navigate to the first slide (that has no completion trigger) and then exit and resume. Resuming on a slide set to reset to initial state seems to actually reset the course's status! It's reasonable to assume that users who launch a completed course will navigate and view content and exit on a slide other than the completion slide. If they happen to launch again after that... the slide's status should not affect course status. Can someone please help thanks.

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Joe Tansengco


Thanks for reaching out!

As per our engineering team, they took a look at this reported behavior and found that this is the correct behavior when the status is set to "Complete/Incomplete" and "Complete/Failed". To get around this behavior in SCORM Cloud, make the following changes to your uploaded course:

  1. Navigate to Course Properties

  2. Click on Compatibility Settings

  3. Look for the "Reset RunTime Data Timing" dropdown, and set it to Never

  4. Save the changes

  5. Launch the course

Hope this helps!

Joe Tansengco


Note that modifying the published output of a course is something that we do not support. With that being said, please try republishing your course without modifying the published output and applying the SCORM Cloud settings that I included in my previous response to see if this makes a difference. 

If the behavior persists, you can reach out to our support team here and we'll be glad to take a closer look at what's happening.