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Kevin Thorn

Hi Jan,

While you can import PPT into Lectora, the features and functions are quite different. Triggers in Storyline are similar to Actions in Lectora and both are proprietary coding to each platform.

One major difference is Lectora doesn't have a "player" so much as it has pre-built templates that have all the built-in navigational elements (next button, menu, etc.).

There is no way to "convert" .awt (Lectora) source file to a .story (Storlyine) file. If your Lectora project was first laid out in PPT and then imported into Lectora, you could use that same PPT and import into Storyline. However, any additional functionality you developed in Lectora will have to be rebuilt with similar functionality in Storyline.

Good luck.

Kevin Thorn

If all 14 of your courses are using the same look/feel you could set up a template using Master Slides in Storyline to ensure consistency. Then if you have the source content of the original courses, you could use those documents and develop some sort of assembly line process with your team.

Unfortunately, with no conversion option you're faced with rebuilds.