Course length/total time

Aug 12, 2014


Does storyline have any kind of feature that can determine the length/time of a complete course (i.e. viewing all the content, etc.)?

Forgive me if this is an old topic, but searching yielded no results.

Besides sitting through the whole thing, any hacks?

Thanks in advance,


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Jihong Jin


We try to understand how the Articulate comes up with the approximate time of the lesson, definitely it is not only based on the total audio time, would you please explain the criteria used? 

We need to decide if we are able to use the approximate time provided by the Articulate for our lessons.

Thank you! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brett,

The Course duration within the publish settings will account for the individual slides and their timelines, and won't take into account any interaction the learner needs to participate in. 

It helps to give a rough estimate, but if you've included layers, web objects, or lots of learner interactions those will impact your overall time. 

Mary Channon

Hi Crystal - thanks for submitting the feature request.  Just so I can confirm with someone on my team asking about this - as of now, if I want to know the approximate length for a specific set of slides or a scene, there is no way unless I just manually go to each slide and add up the timelines?  Or copy and paste those slides/scene into a new empty projeect and act as though I am publishing just those slides to see the project length?

Geordie McGarty

Why not include layers? Seems like another feature request that could be pursued. Not sure I know of a direct way to request a feature or to view existing and +1.

In my case it's common to include tab reveals for more information on layers and those layers have timelines that could easily be calculated to add onto the time estimate, perhaps provide base slide estimate and all slide/layer estimate. Obviously, sending learners to outside resources would need to be calculated by the designer, but with layers the data is already there in Storyline.