Crashing Due to "Graphics Card Issue"

Jul 14, 2022


I'm at my wits end with this and want to see if other people are affected and any work arounds. I've used Storyline for over 6 years with minimal issues. I started a new position last July and my main tool is Storyline. Since I've started, Storyline will crash, not let me save, not autosaving, and deleting projects (will crash and the file is blank when I reopen). When I publish, Storyline characters (Classic) are missing and will disappear while I'm working on a project. Whenever I open the character expression/pose the faces are distorted. My coworker and I put our first ticket in with Articulate and there was no solution except that it could be a hardware issue with my laptop or a corrupted download. We tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it still happened. Out IT department even gave me a new laptop thinking there was something wrong with the current one. Still it happened. We put another ticket in and at that point we were advised it was a conflict with Storyline and my graphics card. A work around for this is saving an image as the thumbnail for my project. We tried this and it continued to happen. With our 3rd and final ticket, we asked when this conflict with the graphics card, which is a common graphics card, be resolved or if there is another work around. Articulate is not giving any timeframe on a solution or even if they are working on it. With the recent update we hoped it would fix the issue and it hasn't. Since then, I lost an entire project I was working on. When I saved, it crashed and when I reopened, the file was 0 kb's and couldn't open. My coworkers have older laptops with a different graphics card and they aren't experiencing this. It just so happens I'm the main Storyline developer. Does anyone have info on this issue or a work around besides saving a picture as the thumbnail. It's gotten to the point where I have my autosave set for every 5 minutes and I'm saving after every slide or 2 and saving in different places (desktop and project folder). At this point, I may have to move to Captivate even though I'm not a fan. Any help is appreciated. 

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