Curve line shape

Mar 29, 2014

Hi everybody,

I really often use bezier curves in my graphics. I never managed to control the curve line. The drawing process is unclear and there is no point edit mode. 

I have been drawing them in external applications so far but would like to have it native in storyline.

example : 

Have a nice day

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Gerald Miller

Still not fixed from my experience.
Also of note, Peek 360 Screencast gets rather confused with dual monitors. It never recorded the area I chose. I had to revert to single monitor to get the capture. Here is an example of what it captured with my dual monito setup


Diarmaid Collins

I have the exact same issue as Gerald, above. And everyone else in this 6-year-old thread.

Apologies for the poor Peek screencast.

I wasn't clever enough to have curves to base my tests on as Gerald has, but it gives an indicator of how wild it is to control and draw any type of curve. And then, the end result that suddenly pops into life is just... weird. In no way an accurate reflection of the curve drawn.

Mark Postma

I'm so sad. If I do the graphics/curves in PPT and import them, I lose a lot of functionality on the imported image (change color, glows, etc.). However, I don't see another option right now, because as it is I draw a curve that "looks good" while drawing, but as soon as I finish, it "re-draws" the path and I end up with a spaghetti bowl of overlapping curves/lines that don't go where I draw them. Please fix this, or add bezier control points so the individual point curves can be adjusted afterwards.

Anthony Dias

At the moment, I just want to draw straight lines with sharp 90 degree corners that I can edit later. I need to create paths that like the ones in the attached image. As it is, it doesn't seem that I can edit a line after it's been drawn.

A fully functioning bezier tool would be amazing.

Of course, I could do the whole thing in illustrator, but then I don't have the option of editing the shapes within Storyline to make simple adjustments. All my adjustments would be made "blind" in the two separate apps, making my process 2 or 3x slower.

C:\Users\anthonydias\OneDrive - Infinity Energy\Desktop\2021-05-11_20-08-42.jpg

Richard Slate

Another decade-old feature request with no results.  I still can't easily draw the curved line I need or adjust curve points after I draw one.  The curved line feature is substandard at best. It would certainly be nice if this were native to the app.  A bezier too would be nice, but understandably difficult to add.  PowerPoint, allows point editing after a curve is drawn.  Not sure which style would be easier to add, but please add one of them.

Mark Kirby

Thanks Diarmaid and Math - just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed any progress (and I hadn't because nothing has improved). I use Powerpoint and then import in similar workflow to yours Math - thanks for sharing the tutorial video!

I suppose we could ask ChatGPT to author something better than Storyline360....?!