Different notes for different layers

Sep 16, 2014

I have a feeling there is not currently a way to do this, but is there a way to display different notes for different layers of a slide in the player?

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Michele Patla

Hello, I saw this post was from 7 years ago; is there a way to do this in SL 360? I have a video I want to appear only once the user views the slide and audio. Then, they are to click on the video which will take them to a separate layer. We use close captioning....so, is there a way to have all the notes appear in closed captioning at the same time as it appears in the video and slide?  Thank you for your help!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Michelle!

I understand that you want all text from the notes to appear in the closed captioning. Is that correct? These are two different fields in Storyline 360, so you would need to copy the text from one and paste it into the other.

Would you mind letting me know if I am off base?