Disabling mouse cursor change

Aug 30, 2018

Using Storyline 360, I want to implement an "invisible" button that will show a text string representing the version of the content on mouse click.

This button will only be used by developers to troubleshoot.

I've tried using Storyline's:

  1. Buttons with states
  2. Shapes with custom state called "ShowVersion"

Whenever I use the "User clicks" event trigger, the mouse cursor changes from the "normal" arrow to the "hand" pointer.

How can I disable the cursor change?

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Robert Chee

Hello everyone, I was just looking for a solution for this.  My goal was to have a blocker to keep a user from being able to drag multiple objects stacked before satisfying prior clicks. (hope that makes sense). I also needed this to repeat and did not want to create multiple blockers for the same instance. I also didn't want the cursor to show when they hovered over my blocker. Here was my solution and hope it helps you all. 

I created a button and added a hidden state. I defaulted my button to it's "Disabled" state. This will not show a cursor upon rollover and will block like a "Hotspot". When my user clicks a button, I have it change my state to "Hidden" where I had no shape and enables the user to be able to drag the item below it. Then when they drag and drop the item to its correct drop target, I have the state change back to "Disabled" so it would block the next drag item until they satisfied their next step.

Danny Cole

Hi all, for anyone interested, I have attached 2 simple examples of how I avoid the cursor change for hotpots and buttons. 1) map.story provides the typical Correct/Wrong layers when the learner selects either the right or wrong area anywhere on the slide. 2) OnlyRight.story has a trigger that changes the status of the background picture (i_map) to Normal when clicked. I have found this works well as the whole background picture becomes a pointing finger and does not show any noticeable cursor change when the learner hovers over the hotspot or button area. I hope this helps someone.