"Edit Trigger" Window Stuck Off Screen!

Sep 19, 2017

Hi all, looking for a fix to a common and very frustrating issue. Often when I try to edit a trigger or change some slide properties, the popup window opens off-screen. This isn't a normal dockable pane, so the 'Redock All Windows' option doesn't apply here. And since these windows disable the rest of Storyline, I can't interact with the Ribbon anyway until I have closed the troublesome window.

Is there any way to move this window without being able to access its top bar? Since it's a window that opens within Storyline and not a separate 'Windows window,' I can't right-click and select Move like I can with normal Windows panes.

The only solution I've found is to change the resolution on my monitor temporarily, drag the window away from the edge, and then revert to my preferred resolution. Any other ways to handle this that don't require me to go into my Windows settings?

On a broader but likely related note, it seems like Storyline just doesn't handle window positioning well from multiple standpoints. In addition to the issue above, the program often opens on a random monitor, behind all of my other open windows, or even completely off-screen sometimes. I would have thought that these basic issues would have been resolved with the overhaul for Storyline 360/3, but it seems like they have persisted throughout the releases.  Are there plans in the works to re-examine how Storyline interacts with Windows and its display settings?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Amy.  I'm sorry that you're dealing with that frustrating behavior.  It sounds like it's slowing you down.

Just so we can nail down what's happening, can you let me know your screen resolution, and what your scaling is set to (usually a slider with a percentage)?


Storyline 3 and 360 should show improved scaling on higher resolution monitors, but I'm wondering if one of these settings is impacting the way it displays for you.

Thanks for letting us know!

Amy Lewis

Sure thing, Crystal! I'm working with multiple monitors. Each is set to 100% on the slider (like you see in your screenshot on the right). The resolutions of each monitor are:

Monitor 1: 1366x768

Monitors 2 and 3: 1920x1080

I can't recall if this has happened with my larger monitors, but the instance that made me post yesterday had the window opening off-screen on Monitor 1 - the smallest one with the lower resolution. I wonder if Storyline defaults to thinking that all monitors have the same resolution, and it assumed that it had 1080 pixels available vertically instead of the actual 768?

Brian Allen
Amy Lewis

I wonder if Storyline defaults

I've had this happen when I worked on a smaller screen, AFTER having worked on a larger screen. I believe that somewhere Storyline remembers the relative position (to the app) that you last closed certain modal windows and opens them in the same or close to the same position, which for me has resulted in the dialog box opening off my (smaller) screen.

It seems like I've had luck in the past by moving the dialog box to a good position on my smaller screen, closing the window (clicking OK), save my SL file, close it and reopen the SL file.

Amy Lewis

I think you're right, Brian - the popup windows seem to open relative to Storyline's position rather than to the screen's dimensions, which seems like a much more predictable and stable option.

So my monitor setup is, left to right, 1 Small | 2 Large | 3 Large. I started working in Monitor 3 yesterday and had the dialogs pop up on Monitor 2, which is the same size. When I opened Storyline later that day and was working from Monitor 2, the dialog popped up on Monitor 1 above the top of the screen. Unfortunately, moving the main window back to Monitor 3 didn't end up moving the dialog from Monitor 1 to 2. 

I'm wondering if the dialog window's position is set relative to the window where Storyline initially opens, rather than where the window currently is. (This would make things extra difficult since Storyline's decision of which monitor to open in appears pretty random and unpredictable).

Kelly Auner

Hi Amber,

Thanks so much for reaching out!

If you're experiencing an issue with Peek, you may want to try a repair. You can see the instructions here!

Otherwise, I'm happy to help troubleshoot this issue with you further. Are you willing to share a screen recording of what you're seeing? You can upload it here or privately in a support case and we'll be sure to delete it from our systems once troubleshooting is complete!