May 18, 2021

Dear Team,

i am attached sample file of storyline

1. after three attempts its showing answer but my condition it should show any answer to move next.

2. if user select correct answer it show star mark so now i need to show for next slide also it should be star in disable mode

I need give three attempts and if user not selected correct answer directly go next slide.

if user selected correct answer star will show and if user will move next slide star should show in disable mode can u work in my story file and please share to me its urgent. 

 and also after three attempts it showing answer it should not show answer it should move to next


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Rajendra!

Thanks for sharing your file! I see a few things that might be getting in the way:

  • The answer for both slides 1.6 and 1.7 is CLAM.
  • When selecting options on the BINGO board, it's also changing the state of other rectangles that weren't selected. I'd recommend looking at the triggers to make sure they're only changing one object.
  • As you've mentioned, the Incorrect Layer appears when answering correctly after the first attempt. I'd look at the triggers with the variables to make sure the variable changes when the user answers correctly.

Let's start with these three items!

Phil Mayor

This is not built to achieve what you want you have triggers that show the try again layer that are not needed if you use a built in interaction. Not sure how the star is showing on the next slide as I don't see any triggers to achieve this, maybe best to get one slide working and then go from there.