Guidelines: How do I get them BACK?

Aug 12, 2013

I know how to create guides (for content placement) in Storyline. But at some point, my main horizontal guide disappeared, and I can't get it back, no way, no how.

Is there some way to reset guides so the default horizontal and vertical guides show back up?

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Brett Rockwood

Did just one guideline disappear or are they all gone?

If all of your guides are gone, go to the View Tab and make sure the Guides checkbox in the Show section is selected.

I believe the default guides are just one horizontal one at zero and one vertical one, also at zero on the ruler. In case you were unaware you can create as many guides as you like and put there wherever you want. Just hold down the CTRL key and click and drag out from an existing guide to create a new one. Put it wherever you want.

Brett Rockwood

On a related note, I sometime insert line shapes on the Master slide and set their initial states to Hidden. When you view a slide page based on the Master you can see the grayed out guides but they won't publish. That way you don't have to worry about your guides being accidentally moved and — even better — you can have different guides for different Masters.

Rebecca Marmaduke

I've zoomed back as far as 10%. I've tried all the obvious   It's just not there. Seriously. I've closed, reopened, etc. It was based on a template with guides all over the place, so I'm mystified.

Oh well. It's just this one project, so I guess I'll either live with it until it's done, or move it over to another document--which isn't going to happen at this stage.


Susan Stewart

Has anyone come up with a solution for this?  I have  the same problem in 360.  I have done the following:

  • closed and reopened the file
  • zoomed as far out as possible
  • reset all of the guides and gridline options
  • reset all of the guides and gridline options, then saved, closed, and reopened the file

all to no avail.


Eric Santos

Hi Nancy,

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with the drawing guides! Does applying the steps below work for you?

Adding Guides in Storyline 360

If not, I'm happy to help troubleshoot. We can start by checking if you're working on your local drive; working on a network drive can cause erratic behavior. If the problem still happens, try running these steps to repair Storyline.

Let me know how it goes!