Hiding Features in Storyline 2 Player

I'm curious as to why (Storyline 2) on the first page of my story I am still seeing the Resources in the top-right corner of my player. I changed the settings to be 'custom for this slide' and deselected the Resources but the link still appears in the player (when I preview the course)... even after saving. 

According to the tutorial (below) from the Community, I programmed it correctly. Am I missing something? 

Showing or Hiding Player Features
By default, each slide will show the features you enabled in the course player, but you can customize the player features on a slide by slide basis. Just choose Custom for the selected slides from the Player features drop-down, then mark the boxes for the features you want to show.

 If you change your mind, click Reset to revert to the player defaults. (This also resets the navigation buttons to Prev/Next for content slides and Submit for question slides.)

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Actually, I think I see what it is... these are custom links (not Resources) added to the Player that are positioned in the top-right corner of the screen. It looks to me like those are editable from the Player only and not from the Slide Properties - per attached screenshot. 

Is that correct? 

Thank you!