How can I make a background music play continuously across multiple slides/layers?

Hello all, 

I want to insert a background music to multiple slides. These slides will automatically play without showing the "Previous""Next"button, so I wish the music track could continuously play through these slides without being cut off. 

Is that possible to do that?

Or if not, is there a way to fade in/out the music at the beginning and end of each slide?

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Todd Haynes

I tried this. I inserted a 3 minuted .mp3 song into the Master Slide. However, every new slide I visit in the published project, it starts the song from the very beginning. So, I end up hearing the first 5 seconds of the song each slide and it begins again.... 

I submitted a feature request. But really Articulate, this is a HUGE hole in your feature list for Storyline. Captivate could do this about 5 years ago... And, I can publish directly as .mp4 with Captivate... Love Storyline, but this is a considerable negative for the product.

Todd Haynes

Thx, - I'm currently doing the JavaScript solution. However compared to other products on the market, this is a "fix" and not an ideal solution. For example, I can't hear the audio when I preview. I also can't synchronize slides/animations and timings with the audio when I author the slide content.