How to ensure Feedback layers do not appear during Review Quiz?

Jan 27, 2023

I'd like to ensure that on the Results slide when the Review Quiz button is clicked, that each question's Feedback layer(s) do not appear over the original question.  I want the learner to see the original question and everything that was visible--multiple choices, hotspots, etc.---during the time they were taking the Quiz...ultimately with the green or red banner at the bottom.  Not the Feedback layer, or any other subsequent layers.  An example of a subsequent layer would be one that appears because the question was answered incorrectly, and now it's time to Review really quick before heading into the next Question.

Caveat:  I'd like to be able to accomplish this without having to trigger the Feedback layer to hide itself prior to jumping to the next slide because it makes the transition from question to question "jumpy"...i.e., the layer goes away quick and then the slide transitions.  That's what I don't want.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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Judy Nollet

I think the slight "jumpy" quality from closing a layer before jumping to the next slide is the best option. (IMHO, that minor visual transition doesn't bother me.)

You could use a variable and conditional triggers to hide those layers when the user returns to each question during a Review. But you'd probably see the same "jumpy" quality from the layer being hidden. 

In short, I don't know of any Storyline-programming workaround that would achieve what you want.

Jordan Glaski

Thank you for your response, I had a feeling that hiding the Layer may be one of the only ways to ensure it won't appear during Review, and I actually decided to implement a Fade transition to each Question slide to sort of soften the movement.

In the way of Quizzes, I have a couple other questions and with attachments to support  Question 1.

1. How can I manipulate the shape/font size and any other aspects of the Review Feedback text that comes up on Incorrect answers?  I certainly see the Post-Quiz Review on the Form View, but it's blank for every question so I'm assuming that's not where the text in my attached examples are coming from?  It almost seems like Storyline is opting to put this text right near where the answer field is...except in some cases the font is too big, and the text trails off the screen like in Example 2.  Some clarity on this would be appreciated.

2. Also while in Review Quiz mode for the learner:   How can I ensure that the learner sees what Hotspot area should have been selected, instead of simply telling them they are Incorrect in the red banner, and still showing the spinning wheel over where they incorrectly selected?  The idea would be to show "this is where you selected, and it was's where you should have selected."

Thank you again very much.

Judy Nollet

If you enter text in the "Post-Quiz Review" field, SL automatically adds a "Review" layer to the slide. And it will show that layer during a quiz Review, without the need for any triggers. (In Slide View, if you add a layer called "Review" to a question slide, SL will show that during a quiz Review. So that's another way to get that layer.)

By default, that layer uses the "Review Feedback" layout. 

  • To change the design, you can either edit that layout in the Feedback Master. You could also apply a blank layout to the layer after it is created.

You can put whatever you want on the Review layer. So for your hotspot question, add whatever you want to indicate where they should have clicked. 

FYI: The Correct and Incorrect banners that appear across the bottom during a Review can't be changed. However, anything put at the bottom of the Review layer will appear on top of them. So if you don't want them to show, just put a solid shape at the bottom of the Review layer.

Jordan Glaski

Thank you for the direction regarding the Review Layer and Blank Layout...that leaves me with just one outstanding issue:

For slides with a Text Entry variable, I'm still seeing this "Correct Response" text, and cannot find where in Storyline it's coming from.  It's not in the "Post-quiz review" field.  In the image attachments here, you can see the dark-green bolded text which is on the Review Layer and is the only text I would want on the Review Layer.  How do I remove/edit this "Correct Response" text in black?  Especially considering how the text is appearing in the "margins off" image attachment.  Thank you.

Update:  I've determined that un-checking the "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" box on the Results trigger will eliminate the black "Correct Response" text for Text Entry fields, but it also eliminates the green checkmark that would appear next to a correct answer on a Multiple Choice question for example.  This would present problems for a manual Review Layer if Multiple Choice answers are Randomized.

Update 2:  Like with the green Correct and red Incorrect banners that can be masked with elements on the Review Layer, the same can be done to mask the black feedback text that comes up with Text Entry fields.

If you have any further insights, I'm all ears!  Thank you again.