How to import a SCORM file into Articulate Storyline?

Hi - I´m new to Articulate and trying to find out how to import content on SCORM format into Articulate storyline. I've received some learning material on that format and I've heard that I should be able to upload it to Articulate. Can anyone give me a step by step guide on how to do so?

Thanks in advance!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kristín!  When you say you have content on SCORM format, is that something that is already published from another application?  And if so, is it hosted somewhere?  You can bring web objects into your Storyline presentation.

Alternatively, you can publish your Storyline course in the SCORM format for your LMS.

If I'm misunderstanding you, please pop back in and clarify a little!  And by the way, welcome to Storyline!  :)  Here are some resources to get you started...

Daphne Pyper

Hi Crystal - I actually have the same question as Kristin. My issues is we created a storyline, then published it to create a scorm file. We have uploaded it into our learning tool, however have lost the original storyline file. I am able to download the scorm file from our learning tool but want to know how to import it back into Articulate Storyline2 to create the storyline file.   This will give us the ability to edit and repost without having to re-create the course. ... Any ideas?

Robert Bers

Perhaps I can clarify what the Kristin is trying to accomplish here. Given the vast number of SCORM-generating authoring tools out there, it could be advantageous to be able to import the SCORM output of one tool into the content of another, prior to uploading the combined output to an LMS.

For example, you might find useful constructs in 'Authoring Tool X' that once generated to SCORM objects, could be inserted into a containing Storyline project before its output is then generated for publishing to an LMS.

Jana Menge

Hey there. I have a similar challenge. There is a huge amount of courses, designed in a different authoring tool. Now I would like to rework them. However, I only have access to the SCORM files. I`m wondering if there might be a workaround to at least get a quick start. For example: Is there a way to export a SCORM course into a PPT-file, I could then import into Storyline or continue to work on it using the Presenter? While I assume a lot of the interactions probably will break, it would already help a lot to have text and pictures (kind of) in place. Any ideas?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jana,

I haven't seen a method to do this yet - that would allow for editing once inside Storyline or Presenter. If you only need to showcase the previously created SCORM Content, you could look at embedding it as a web object. Keep in mind that you won't be able to edit or send tracking/reporting details on that standalone piece.