In need of a plugin/utility for uploading .story files to a WordPress website

May 23, 2015

I created a web site (using WordPress & hosted on godaddy)to use as an online portfolio & most of my work is in Storyline. Unfortunately, though I can upload the files using Filezilla & the files show up in my upload folder (as Articulate files, not .story), WordPress doesn't recognize the format.

I'm sure I'm not the first one to come up against this. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Rachel Barnum

Hey Richard,

A few questions:

1. Are you uploading all of the files that Storyline puts out when it publishes? Or just the .html file? Make sure you're loading all the files.

2. WordPress isn't really going to recognize the format. When you upload the Storyline file, you're actually creating a separate website on your server that you will then link to on your WordPress site. WordPress won't recognize it as a media format.

Here's how I do it: 


I've created a separate folder on my web server just for my e-learning modules:

Inside that folder, you'll see folders to all of my various Storyline folders:

Then, inside those folders, you'll see the Storyline output.

The story.html file that you see is what you will "link" to. 

So now you see at the top where it says /public_html/ohthatrachel/elearning/10waystoengage?

That represents your "public" link, with just a few changes needed: 

  • Take away the /publichtml/
  • The .com to the end of your domain name in the full link (my domain is
  • Add the "story.html" to the very end of it.

My full link looks like:

Let me know if that helps! 

Richard Maloney

David, the plugin worked (on the 4th try) for my smaller Storyline file. THANK YOU!

Rachel, do you know if your method will work for files over the 32 MB limit? I'll give it a try later today. If not, I'll need to find another method. Filezilla has uploaded, but WordPresss didn't recognize the file format. Thank you for your help!

Rachel Barnum

Yes Richard! As long as you have that much space available on your server, which I imagine you will.

WordPress won't "recognize" the format - when you publish the Storyline file, you're essentially creating your own mini website :). You can paste a link to the Storyline file in your portfolio. You can see how mine is set up here: - I just have images of the file, then you click on it and it leads you to the link where my Storyline file is.

Richard Maloney

Hmmmmmm. This is getting more complicated (and probably more expensive) than I anticipated. I was hoping to use my website AS my portfolio. You may have explained this in your step-by-step instructions above, but I tried the plugin David provided and it worked (briefly. Now I have to pay for it. :-/ ) Where do you have your portfolio hosted?  Is it a second website within the original hosting? (example: I could have opted for a somewhat more expensive package that allowed for multiple websites, but I'd still have that annoying 32MB upload limit!)

Rachel Barnum

I have my website, a site, hosted on Bluehost. I basically just have unlimited upload/websites/etc. as long as they fit on my server and I don't exceed my bandwidth limit. I know there are other options out there as well.

There's instructions for loading them to DropBox and Google Drive and linking out from there as well, may be a better option?

Linda Lorenzetti

There is one BIG hidden drawback to using Dropbox.  I was using it to host my elearning, but I received a message this week that told me too many people were accessing my Dropbox files so it stopped allowing access.  I could see my files and access them, but no one could play my course files, they would just receive an error message.  I'm going to use Rachel's method and manually upload all my files to my blog.  I'd rather have full control.

Linda Lorenzetti

I still haven't maxed out my Dropbox capacity, the error message (error 429) said it was due to the amount of traffic to my files.  I have the basic service, but when I Googled the error message, some people who paid for the upgrade had the same issue. 

My files are back online now, but if I get a bunch of views tomorrow, it could be down again.

Linda Lorenzetti

No, I haven't spoken to Dropbox, but I did read what others had experienced with the same error.  I used Dropbox for years without a problem, but I have put all of my challenge entries on it.  Maybe the combination of people looking at multiple challenges was the cause, I'm not sure.