Irratic behaviour when cropping images

Mar 08, 2017

Hi All,

I'm having issues when cropping images. Firstly the drag feature isn't working - I always thought you could crop the image to the correct size and then drag the image within the box to show the correct area like you can in powerpoint? Am I imagining that this was the same in Articulate?

Also, once an image is cropped, I can't un crop it - if I decide to show more and change the cropping, the original image isn't there anymore?

The most annoying thing is that sometimes I select crop and go to drag the borders and the whole images disappears completely and the only way to get it back is to click undo.

Any advise would be welcome - it's driving me insane!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there Lucy!  That doesn't sound good, nor is it expected behavior!  Are you seeing this on any image in any project, or does it seem to be happening in just one file?

Here's a Peek screencast of how the cropping tool should work.  You can drag the image within the crop boundaries, reset the original size, and drag those cropping boundaries at will.

If this is happening in one file, or with one particular image, we'd want to be sure that the file is stored on your local C: drive and that nothing has corrupted it or the image.  If this seems to be a broken function in any project, let's try a repair of Storyline.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, and getting you up and running again!

Lucy Hood

Firstly apologies for my erratic spelling of erratic. I was clearly in a haze of cropping drama induced stress yesterday. Mortified...still at least not many people use/see this forum....right???!!

Secondly - thank you for your response. After a bit more trial and error, it seems the weird behaviour only seems to be when I'm editing pictures in states rather than cropping a "normally" inserted image...(i.e. I changed my mind about which photo I wanted to show in a certain state and was trying to edit it after the state had been created) is that something that's expected?

I've ended up just deleting the photo and starting again and adding the states again later after I've got the photo how I want it.


Crystal Horn

Ha ha- Lucy, no worries.  I've gone back and edited a few erratic spellings myself, so feel free to use the edit function if you want to pretend it never happened.  Our secret.  ;)

I'm going to do some testing with using the cropping tool in the States tab just to rule out any unexpected behavior.  Thank you for clarifying that.  I'm glad that you were able to keep moving forward with your work, though!

Paul Oyler

Storyline Community,

  I discovered today (after reading this thread) that the erratic behavior I was seeing when trying to crop in Storyline occurred while I was attempting to crop an image after rotating it.  Don't rotate an image before you crop it.  Or, rotate, save image as, insert rotated image, and crop away.

Happy Cropping (sans hair-pulling-out hysterics),
Paul O.

Rachel Crabtree

Interesting - my Articulate Storyline 360 cropping issue is more like right clicking image and selecting size tab then...

-->Action:  Image crop from Bottom 10px

-->Result:  Image height reduced by 10px (aka image squished by height without chopping off unneeded image content)

I just keep reseting the image and using another program to crop.  No known rotation on the image though I may have aligned it to other images (aka left align).


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rachel. Thanks for sharing those details. Your issue does sound a bit different. I made a short Peek screencast of what happens for me when I use that method of cropping. Can you have a look and let me know if we're doing the same thing? I wasn't able to reproduce your result, and I'm currently using update 25 of Storyline 360.


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