Make Hint Caption always visible

May 01, 2014

When I recorded in Try Mode, I selected Show Hint Captions = When Hovered as below

Now with a bunch of slides, how do I make adjustment to make Hint Caption to always show? I tried all including trigger the slide to show Hint Caption layer on timeline start and turn on Always Show in the layer. But it does show and then disappear within 3 seconds. I want Hint Caption to always be there. 

Is there a workaround beside copy the Caption and put in the main layer? I want to avoid that as there are many triggers connecting to this layer. I don't want to screw something up.

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Jina Ali

Hi All. I have the same question. It is not about animations of objects. It is of the Hint Caption that that is added automatically when you record for Try Mode. The Hints need to remain on the screen from when the timeline starts and until the user clicks on the hotspot. 

Hint needs to be there at the beginning of the timeline, so the user understands where to click and/or perform a mouse action. However, once the timeline completes the hint disappears. Some students take longer to read instructions and some don't. So, to accommodate both types of users, we need the Hint to stay visible from the start of the timeline and until the user clicks. Please advise what to do with the triggers. there does not appear to be an option for the above.

Becca Levan

No worries! There are two ways to change the Hint Captions settings:

  1. You can re-insert the Screen Recording into the project, and before clicking on the Insert Button, click on Try Mode options to adjust how the Hint Captions appear.
  2. OR change the Show layer Hint Caption trigger on each Screen Recording slide from When user Hovers to When timeline starts: 


Let me know if that helps!

Jina Ali

Thanks Becca,

I have currently set it at when Timeline starts, but then it disappears at the end of the timeline. If a dyslexia user is taking their time reading the instruction, the timeline may not represent the varying reading speeds, so I would like to avoid setting the timeline. They can of course click on replay on the player, but they may not think of that.

I would like the hint to stay on until they decide to take action. Is there another trigger that I can use that is equivalent to always on? If not, it may be a feature Articulate would like to add in the future in case a user forgets to click on Always On but has done extensive edits on a project before realising.

If I reinsert the screen recording, won't it override all my edits?



Becca Levan

I understand, Jina!

I appreciate the additional clarification 😊I was able to make this work with just a few steps:

  1. Increase the total display time on the timeline of the Hint caption layer
  2. Remove the Exit Animation
  3. Add a trigger on the Try Again layer to show the Hint Caption layer when the Try Again layer button is clicked.

Here's a recording of those steps. If that's not what you had in mind, can you share your project with our team so we can help tailor something to fit your needs?

Looking forward to your response!