New in Storyline 360: Check out the New Modern Player in Storyline 360

Hey folks! Recently we released a beautiful new modern player for Articulate Storyline 360. The player is the frame around your slides and it can include features like navigation buttons, the course menu, resources, a glossary, and more. The new modern player is sleek and beautiful, and best of all, it gives your learners the same experience across all devices.

The modern player scales to fill a learner’s browser on every device and the player controls melt into the background to maximize screen real estate. This makes sure your content is always the star of the show.

The modern player is available in a light or dark color theme, with the option to pick a custom accent color. You can also adjust the font and the navigation button styles—and you can choose to display or hide menus and controls just like you could with the classic player.

Watch the quick video below for an overview, then follow along with this helpful tutorial to start working with the modern player in Storyline 360.

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Philippe Donze



Are you sure Articulate guys are working to deliver a tool to create online pedagogy? E-learning is firstly "pedagogy", and not graphic design.



Therefore, just in term of comfort of reading, have you ever read a book with white letters on a black background, or how many website use white letters and black background?



How experts in online pedagogy can promote or design a player with a dark background and white letters, while it's not advised everywhere, just taking account of reading comfort reason?



Could you send me the link where scientific researches have proven that dark background and whiter letters are useful for online pedagogy?



Please find here links that say the opposite (among billions of other links):


E-learning designers are struggling to keep our learners online until the end of the module, and Articulate is designing players that will make learners want to end up the course asap.



Really, I don't understand.



(and please don't reply "but your slide can still be black letter on white")

Philippe Donze

E-learning is not only about content, it's about pedagogy and online cognitive learning, and therefore efficiency of the module. Cognitive online learning goes through a few tips that make e-learning design pretty rational, and black background and white letters doesn't improve online learning, but rather impair it.
But I am still waiting for the evidences you base your design choice.

Phil Mayor

Sorry I am confused here, your post talks about white text on black, I just wanted to let you know there is also a light theme with black text on white background.

The player is only the frame surrounding the content, the great thing about the modern player is that it is designed to get out of the way and allow the content to come to the forefront.

Also the Player allows for a contrast between your content and the frame itself and direct the viewer to the content rather than the surrounding frame.

I believe the aim of the player is to be more generic more like a video player.

Philippe Donze

The player contain the title of the module, the menu and other elements.

The menu is seen during all the module.

I really think that if it's well acknowledged that white on black impair learning, therefore it should be avoided in any ways, and especially in the player, because it's what you keep in front of your eyes for the duration of the module.

An other reason, is that white on black writing create retinal persistences, and especially online because a screen is a source of light, but not a book.

Studies just says "better to not use white on black for online learning", so why it becomes one of the default player of Storyline?

Phil Mayor

The modern player has two options white on black and black on white, I don't see it as an issue. You have a choice.

The menu can be collapsed and the modern player is designed to move out the way and remove any distractions, I think this is an improvement.

This is a professional looking player.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christiane,

Glad you're liking the new modern player :)

This article outlines the features of the Modern Player and how it differs from the Classic Player. If you need additional color options for your branding/style, you can certainly switch back to the Classic Player.

The intent was 'less focus' on the player:

The neutral tones of the dark and light themes allow your content to be the focus of learners’ attention, while the player performs a supporting role in the background. And the accent color is used throughout the modern player to tie it all together.  

You are welcome to share your ideas with our team here though :) Please be sure to share your use-case as well, so that we can better understand.

Harold Lentink

First of all when I saw the new light modern player I was pleased with the way it looked and worked. Stripping it down to a minimum made it suit our needs. Testing it though made us come to the conclusion that the player has issues with what seems to be a loading problem. Between every slide, whether it's online of offline, published or previewed it shows briefly a black screen with three loading dots. Since we are creating software demo's this is a real nuisance. Our reseller said that it was discussed with Articulate. Apparently the recent update resolved this issue, but replaced it with another issue. Now while transferring to another slide there seems to be repetition of a certain frame since the transition is not smoothly. Can this be solved as well? 

Kind regards Harold

Lea Lineal

The new modern player looks great, but please find a way for more options to customize it, e.g. to change its colors. Up to now, none of my customers liked it the way it is. 

Another reason why my customers reject the modern player is that the menu takes too much space on the screen. Ironically, my customers also often dislike the menu of the classic player, because it is too small. Is there really no way to adapt the width of the menu?

I also experience these issues with the modern player: When loading there is often a black screen with three loading dots between the slides, and the voice-over stops everytime I switch between the menu tabs.