New in Storyline 360: Course Cover Photos

Who doesn’t love making a good first impression? And when it comes to learning, setting a tone that grabs your learners’ attention right from the start is crucial. After all, you want learners feeling inspired, curious, and eager to dig into your course. That’s why we’re super excited to share the new course cover photo feature in Storyline 360. 

If your course’s first slide includes media or if your learners are viewing it on a mobile device, this new feature lets you add an eye-catching image to the start page. That way learners will see your beautiful cover photo before they launch the course. 

Here’s how it works: In the player properties window, check the Course Thumbnail box and click the + Thumbnail link to browse for an image.

You have four different course thumbnail options.

  1. First slide: Choose this option if the first screen in your course is static and works well as an introduction.
  2. Media library: Select this option if you want to use an image that’s already in your course.
  3. Content Library 360: If you want to use a brand-new photo or illustration, browse the huge library of images included with your Articulate 360 subscription.
  4. Image from file: If you’ve created a custom thumbnail, just upload the file from your computer.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect course cover photo, just click the image file link to refresh the preview screen. Following is a GIF to show you how it works.



And that’s it! When learners launch the course, they’ll see the new photo you selected. We hope you’ll love adding your own eye-catching course cover photo in Storyline 360.

A smartphone with a Storyline 360 course open on it. The first slide of the course shows as the cover photo and a play button is displayed on top of it.


Want to know what other new Storyline 360 features have launched lately? Check out our What’s New page. And if you want to try out this feature for yourself but don’t have Articulate 360, start a free 60-day trial.


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