Out of sync video downloaded from Microsoft Teams

Jul 28, 2021

Hi all

I have a video downloaded from Teams which is out of sync. The video is an all in one with the audio (not video with a separate audio track).

I normally use Replay to do the editing but Replay does not have syncing functionalities. Does anyone know how I can quickly and easily fix this?

I do have Adobe Premier Pro but not really used it. also all the tutorials online relate to having video with a separate audio track.

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Soren J Birch

Your Teams video might only be out of sync in a particular playback scenario? Does it behave exactly the same when you use Windows 10's built in media players, both the classic and the new one? If No, you can try to use a video encoder like VLC Player to 'republish it' to mp4 and see if that fixes it.

If the synching is bad everywhere, not just in Storyline, I am afraid my only advice is to involve capable video editing software such as Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve or Camtasia. I have had succes fixing tricky audio synching issues on various pieces of video with all three.