Publish to Cmi5 in Storyline 360 and Rise 360

Jun 23, 2020

We’re pleased to share a new publishing option for your Storyline 360 and Rise 360 courses: cmi5. Cmi5 is the newest output standard for Learning Management Systems (LMSs). The cmi5 output option is available in Storyline 360 and Rise 360 right now.

Here’s how to export your Storyline 360 course to cmi5:

And here’s where you’ll find the cmi5 export option in Rise 360.

We hope you’ll enjoy having even more flexibility to choose the right output options for your needs. 

For a helpful overview of LMS standards, be sure to check out this quick introduction to LMS standards, which includes an explanation of Cmi5. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Helen,

Happy to help! When publishing to cmi5, you'll still follow the same steps as you would publishing to SCORM. The video above covers this, as well as this article here.

I published a sample course to SCORM Cloud and was still able to track Success and Completion statuses as I normally do when publishing to SCORM. The difference here is now I'm able to view defined verbs that come with publishing to cmi5.

This article shares more details on LMS standards, including resources on cmi5.

Galina Pashkevich

Hi team, could you please help me with a tracking issue?

I exported a Rise 360 sample course to cmi5 and published it to SCORM Cloud. After finishing this course I couldn't see any information about it in Course Sandbox. 

However the statement history is correct:

The picture is the same for our customized LMS and repeated with the other Rise 360 course.

The only status I can see is the total time after the second launch.

Storyline 360 course is tracking correcly.

Lauren Connelly

Hi A A!

Thank you for sharing the screenshot with us! I've noticed that SCORM cloud won't track the completion, score, time, or success correctly if the reporting is not set to Passed/Incomplete. Do you mind making sure the reporting is set to Passed/Incomplete?

Let me know if that does the trick! Here's a quick Peek of what this looks like on my end.

Филипп Чурилов

Hello Lauren,

I've commented in your Peek and decided to share it here.

We've repeated the same steps as you did: the statement history is correct, but the end results are not saved in SCORM Cloud.

Here's the Peek of the issue:

We've heard several opinions that Cyrillic characters ("nonstandard", to quote your colleague from support) may be responsible for this deviation. Could you check with the team if this problem has already surfaced sometime? And if yes, is there a workaround or an ETA on a fix?


Lauren Connelly

Hello Phil!

Thanks for creating the Peek of the issue! So helpful to see.

I've tested this on my end using Cyrillic characters in the title, and I see the completion and success reported correctly. Here's a look.

You can test the project here using the SCORM cloud link. I don't speak Russian, so I apologize if the language isn't used properly in the course. 

Can you let me know if the progress appears correctly on your end?

Филипп Чурилов

Hi Lauren!

The thing is, as we tested more options (described in this long post on the Articulate forum), it became evident that maybe the issue is deeper than course Title or Labels.

The Course & Lesson Titles and Labels work, I've tested them with both Cyrillic characters and an Arabic placeholder word.

My knowledge of coding is limited, but I would probably suggest that quiz feedback and/or the quiz response options might be to blame, because they show as "undefined" in the statement log (in your Sample Course, the statement history provides a link to the chosen option).

However, it would not explain why the statements log is correct in the first place.

If it is helpful, I've attached the exact same course in Russian we are using to test cmi5 for you or your colleagues so that we operate in the same environment. Our Labels in Russian are also included.

Joe Tansengco

Hello Phillip!

I have great news to share! We are no longer seeing this bug where the Quiz URIs are not encoded in cmi5 export and non compliant characters can cause a course to not complete.

Please let us know if you’re still noticing the issue, and we’ll be happy to continue troubleshooting with you in a support case.