TIP: Customizable Feedback Layers

Apr 03, 2020

Any shape or photo on a Feedback Master or Slide Master cannot be moved or revised when that layout is used on a layer or slide. That’s great if you want an item to stay put. But what if you’d like more flexibility?

For example, I like to customize the Correct and Incorrect feedback layers for quiz questions so the feedback doesn’t cover the question and responses. The attached Storyline file shows how this method works. 

Here are the steps to adjust the Feedback Master so it’s customizable.

  • Remove the rectangle and line shapes from the main Feedback Master.
  • Add the desired fill colors to the text boxes.
  • Adjust the size and placement of the text boxes so they touch, which creates the solid rectangular shape of the feedback. If desired, add shadows or other formatting. 
  • For the lower text box, increase its bottom margin so the text won’t interfere with the button. (These text boxes are already set so the text will “shrink to fit” within the designated margins.)

It’s that simple!

examples of default and customized feedback layout

P.S. This is simple advice that I wish I’d known when I was starting out with Storyline. I hope others find it useful.

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That's one of my favorite tips for creating fluid templates for projects that have dramatically different amounts of feedback in quizzes. This is much easier to work with than a dozen or more feedback layouts. Thanks for shining light on something most of us don't learn when we're first getting started.

Judy Nollet

Thanks, Montse.

Like you, I avoid creating multiple feedback layouts. I've seen those in courses I "inherited," and they drive me crazy. 

The Forum has been a big help to me, so this is my way of giving back. And I hope some newbies find this, so they don't have to suffer as long as I did before figuring this out. 


Jonas Steinkrauß

Hi Judy,

thanks a lot for the post :)

Trying to replicate it but my issue is the button and its states. It doesnt' matter how I edit the states in the feedback master, on the slide itself the states are going crazy.

I tried to edit the master button, to edit the layout button and to place the button on the layout only. Doesn't helpt.

Also tried to use a textbox insted of a button.

Any Ideas?

Judy Nollet

Hi, Jonas,

Alas. Storyline does not handle master buttons well. My experience is like yours: the states in the master button aren't properly replicated when the layout is used. This might be because SL has defaults it uses for warning messages. It'll also automatically add a button to a question's feedback layers even if you delete the button completely from the the master. But, no matter what the reason, this is still a problem.

Here's what I do when starting a new project (or a shared set-up file):

  • Customize the feedback master as desired, including the button states.  
  • Add a scene (which I call "Storage"). 
  • In the Storage scene, add a set-up slide for each type of question. (Or, at least, each type that you'll use.) 
    • As noted previously, the buttons won't have the proper states at this point. Sigh...
  • Use the Format Painter to apply the master button states to the buttons on the question slides. 
    • Another option: prep a button on one of the set-up question slides. Then copy and paste that button to the other set-up questions (and, of course, delete the auto-created buttons). I often do this when I don't want the buttons to have all of the default states. 
  • When the time comes to add questions to the course, copy the appropriate question set-up slide from Storage and paste it where it belongs in the course. 
  • After the course is approved, delete the Storage scene, so it doesn't add to the file size. 

BTW, this issue has been happening for a long time. I don't remember whether or not I ever submitted it as a case to the staff, but I will do that today. You can, too, by going here: https://articulate.com/support/contact. (The more complaints, the more likely they are to pay attention to the problem.) 

Judy Nollet

Hi, Jonas,

I haven't copied question slides to other projects, so I haven't had the same issue you've had with that. 

I have noticed that the layout for question slides tends to be quirky (to put it nicely). That might be due to SL using some of the text boxes for Form View. Thus, those objects may have special coding that we developers can't see. And that might cause problems.

Also, I've noticed that Storyline doesn't recognize when one project uses the exact same layout as another. For example, if you duplicate a project, and then import a slide from one copy to the other, SL will import the entire Master associated with the imported slide. Which means you end up with multiple Master layouts that are the same. 

Despite all this, I still like using SL! 

L'Oreal Battistelli, MSIDT

Additional research indicates that the Template "Vitality 01" is pulling the "blank" scene instead of the "Try Again" scene, and I don't see any option to "pull" the correct "Try Again" scene anywhere. Not sure why it's pulling "Correct" and "Incorrect" scenes but not "Try Again." Tks! Resolved. Tks! Every scene has to be set to "two attempts." Happy Friday!

L'Oreal Battistelli, MSIDT

Juliet, I'm experiencing random issues when pulling responses from a Theme Master. Would you mind reviewing my file and seeing if you can determine what's happening with the pulls? I've resolved all of the issues display multiple times, but not only do my updates not save, but some of the responses don't publish nor do some of the review scene content. Many thanks!