Replay Button on Seekbar Not Working

Mar 29, 2016

Hi. A client has come back to me to note that the replay button on the right side of the seekbar doesn't work. I've checked it on both the Flash and HTML5 versions. I also can't find any triggers that specify the replay button, when pushed, should replay the audio for the slide. Can you help?

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Robin Wooten

I've wanted this for so long and put a feature request in years ago. I'd love for rewind/replay to automatically start the slide over as if never visited but what I really NEED is to unhook the rewind/replay button choice from the seekbar. I'd wondered but some of my students got very honest with me and told me flat out that they tend to watch the seekbar a lot instead of the slide!!!! Argh. It really stand out now in the modern player with the red moving line against the black. Even distracts me. But kudos on the changes to the trigger wizard - saves so much time!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Danielle!

Great question! 

Automatically Decide is the default option. Storyline will decide whether to resume the slide or reset it based on the objects it contains. Here's the logic:

  • If the slide has only simple objects—text, images, audio, video, etc—but no interactivity, Storyline resets the slide to the beginning of its timeline.
  • If the slide contains interactive elements, such as buttons or other objects that have a visited/selected state, Storyline resumes the slide where it left off previously.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Andrew Robinson

I'm stunned to read all the community requests and Articulate staff obfuscation about this over several years and threads!

This should be on the roadmap! I would imagine there would be countless more 'votes' for this including in the last 20 days except it's apparent no one's listening now.

I'm using the javascript to hide the button (thanks Stephen), but learners want to click replay/rewind to review a slide, so why can't they?


Jessica Henderson

Has this issue been resolved? I am using the platform to create content for high school students, so I do not want to allow them to just freely use the seekbar to skip to the end of a slide. However, if they've already completed the slide but need to go back to the previous one, I don't want them to have to listen to the audio all over again. So, they need to be able to go back to the resumed state, but have the option to replay the audio if they would like. 

David Cleverdon

I would like to add my vote too. The replay functionality shouldn't be tied to the revisit state on a slide, it just doesn't make any sense. I also agree that it should be independent from the other player controls, so that I could enable or disable it and still keep the seekbar and all its functionality (and the ability to play/pause). 

To use an example, sometimes the curriculum I work with can be on the lengthier side, and if I want the learner to be able navigate backward to review anything and give them control over doing so (without having to hear the entirety of a slide from the beginning each time), they're stuck with a Replay button in the player that doesn't work and cannot be removed. It leads to confusion and frustration. Essentially, they can have one QoL improvement or the other (not both).

I die a little bit on the inside every time I have to explain this to superiors/clients/learners because, from my perspective, there isn't a single logical reason why it should be set up this way.

rodrigo saenz

Hey Community..
Adding to this specific matter....
In my case the replay button is creating kind of a mess with a custom drag and drop interaction where the're are multiple correct answers and "repeated" drop targets.
I created a set of control variables and triggers that enabled me to do this, but when I push the replay button, looks like the variables go nuts and the interaction goes straight to the "Correct" slide layer....
due to timing... I'm delivering my project with no seekbar in this slide, but it's crazy how a simple "replay" button can create such a problem in a solution that I created solving a problem Storyline can't still handle by default.
We'd appreciate this to be fixed ASAP.


Laura Middlesworth

Please add my vote to get this addressed in SL360.

An update to the modern player feature set that separates the rewind button from the seekbar (similar to the play/pause button) is a must for building branching scenarios in SL360 that include video clips and offer the user the opportunity to revisit slides and/or scenes.

I will be happy to submit a feature request if that is the best way to keep this at the top of the requested features list.