Reset Numeric Entry Box so no value shows

Jul 17, 2015

I have a question with Correct/Incorrect/Try again options. Someone on the Forum was kind enough to help out with IF, THEN, ELSE logic for try again. When you get Try Again and return to layer with NEB, what you typed in remains. I can set the NEB variable to 0 (Zero), but then learner has to delete the value before typing another response. Is there a way to clear out the original answer so the Numeric Entry Box is completely empty? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi John,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you are experiencing. It sounds like your scenario is a tad different than the other conversations since you are seeing an empty field on an initial visit. The default value for the variables, even if you cannot see them, is zero. I can see where the reset trigger is then subsequently displaying the zero and there is no option for a 'null' field.

Please share your thoughts with our team here so that we can begin tracking and understand your use case.

Bill Osborn

Is this issue still being worked on? I see that a past version attempted to address the issue, but the Feb 2022 release still shows a 0 and I cannot seem to set it to blank. It will present a blank as long as I use the default variable name created when I insert the numeric entry box. However, as soon as I change it to my VAR name it begins to show 0. 


Jürgen Schoenemeyer

this is fixed a long time ago (???) - I have made a screen capturing with the oldest storyline version I could find (Jan 2022)

the trick is
 - use the automatic generated numeric variable -> empty !!!
 - use a manually created numeric variable -> '0' visible

there is a new (???) inner property of the story-file "defaultEmptyIfZero"

here is the inner xml-file (zip) -> story/story.xml

<var g="0ebe1601-02c0-4802-956f-78855731e340" verG="bdcb625c-bdf9-4eae-8ea0-df12b2a677a9" name="NumericEntry1" dataType="num" val="" type="user" propPath="" isRandom="false" randomMin="0" randomMax="0" defaultEmptyIfZero="true" />

<var g="5fc68691-bea7-4591-90f1-4250395017d4" verG="5c39a81a-3fbd-4fbc-9725-6f854843262b" name="test" dataType="num" val="0" type="user" propPath="" isRandom="false" randomMin="0" randomMax="0" defaultEmptyIfZero="false" />


Yuri Fernandes

hi guys, i've a solution.

For contextualize:

My project is a little game, that in a determinated point the user need to write answers inside a numeric field. If the user writes the wrong answer, he goes to another point in the project that have tips and other exercises for him. After all of this, he comes back to the first quiz to try again, when he comes back the numeric entry fields continued with the wrong answers he had written, if i change the answer to 0, all of the fields stays with the 0, but my objective is when he comes back the fields resets, and stays blank, so... i made this:

1º - Create the numeric entry field in the slide
2º - Now create a text field custom variable 
3º - Change the numeric entry field variable, in the triggers screen, for the new text field variable. 

 (This makes your numeric field with the numeric configuration, receiving only numbers, not text, but the values are sign to a text variable)

4º - Now, create a buttom, that had a trigger to Adjust the new text variable value to 'blank' when he was clicked.


Your numeric entry field receives only numbers, and you can make him reset to blank.
Hope helps,
Below i attached a little test for you know how works.

Any question, just call me in my instagram: _up.level

Matthew Kliewer

Thanks, Yuri - works great for my use case!

(Basically preventing unintentional 0 in the results, as well as just reducing extra work for the user to clear it.)

It would still be great to see an actual solution in the program, however - this workaround wouldn't work if you needed to do Storyline math with the resulting Numeric Entry values, since they're now Text variables.

(You could with JavaScript coercion, but not with the built-in math functions.)

Nedim Ramic

I recently shared a demo where you can use a text variable to hold the calculation result of multiple number variables. The result is set to a number after the calculation is completed and reset to a string when the calculation is reset. This way, you can set the resulting variable to 'blank', some other character, or a question mark, as demonstrated in the attached demo. This was achieved with simple JavaScript code.