Rise course embedded in a Storyline course via Web Object

The "Articulate 360 FAQs: Rise" page states that "You can embed Rise courses into Storyline 360, Presenter 360, and Quizmaker 360 projects. Just copy the shareable web link for your Rise course and paste it into a web object."

Does anyone have an example of what a Rise course embedded within a Storyline course would look like?

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Saeko Reed

Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I wonder if you have a luck using this method as a workaround for LMS+Rise+IE11 issue.

We have a LMS that won't work with Rise course, so we are trying to upload the course as Storyline file using this solution. The problem is that we need to report pass/fail based on the quiz result that is part of the rise course, which I cannot figure out how to do.

If anybody had a luck working on LMS reporting with Rise course embeded on Storyline file, please share! Thanks.


Charlain Fondren

Is there any way to adjust the size of the Rise content inside the Web object?

I would love to easily add some interactivity by adding a matching block from Rise into my Storyline course.  But when I insert it as a web object, the first card is the only thing that appears in the viewing window and the user would have to scroll down to see the matching categories to drag the card to.

Meghan Markie

hi all!  interested in using a rise course as a lightbox, however when I import it into storyline as a web object, the size/font is small and hard to read.  (This is the "display in slide" object)  in the example Alyssa posted above, it looks right-sized and easy to read.  Is there something I can change in the settings of either to get rise to fill the whole screen when I import into storyline? 


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Richard,

The issue with Rise embed is limited to using the Share link to embed your Rise content within an iFrame. For example, code that looks like this will stop working:

<iframe src="https://rise.articulate.com/share/1234567abcdef"></iframe>

If you’re using the share link in an iframe to embed a course on your website, like the example above, that content will stop working later this year.

If you've hosted your Rise content on a web server, you can still embed that into Storyline as a web object. The directions in this article will walk you through how to prepare your content for hosting on an external server: