SCORM Activity Completion Issues!

Any Articulate Storyline / SCORM gurus?

I appreciate SCORM can be an unreliable beast, but I'm trying to establish the best way to ensure as accurate activity completion as possible.

When I first started building with Storyline, I exported courses with Reporting as "Completed/Failed", with the Tracking as "Track using quiz result" based on the Results Slide (and then Moodle settings as needing the activity to be "Passed, Completed"). Doing this, we have experienced quite a high rate of users not registering their activity as having been completed, despite reaching the results slide and/or returning to the course to re-complete it in the hope it would then mark the activity as complete, to no avail.

I now export the courses via Storyline Reporting as "Complete/Incomplete" and Tracking as "Track using number of slides viewed" (with Moodle settings the same as above), but are still experiencing some activity completion issues.

Can anyone advise me as to the best way to ensure as near 100% accuracy as possible when it comes to activity completion? I'm struggling to see why something used so widely can pose such unreliable results! What am I missing?!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ed! Thanks for reaching out, and I know it's frustrating when your learners are seeing inconsistent completion reporting. 

Is this a problem you've been able to recreate in your own testing with Moodle? Have you also tested your course in another environment like SCORM Cloud?

I'd be happy to help you with that testing, if you'd like. Simply attach the unpublished Storyline file to this discussion thread, and I'll do the rest. Thanks!


Hi Alyssa

Many thanks for your reply.  I just can't seem to get the settings right on either Storyline or Moodle.  I've tried so many different combinations but still seem to experience inconsistent reporting... so I guess I'm looking for help finding the "holy grail" of settings to make sure I'm doing things right.

I'm just concerned that I have now made about 11 courses or so, all probably with slightly varied settings but still all not reporting 100% consistently.  So I'm hoping I can find the best possible settings and then recreate all of the courses accordingly so at least going forward everything in consistent!

Is there a way I can share the storyline file with you privately for your kind assistance?

Kind regards


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Iman,

I took a look at Ed's case and it was determined to be an issue with the LMS and the learners' internet connection, as it was only happening to 1-2% of users and it wasn't reproducible.

Are you seeing similar issues with more learners than that? If so, our Support Team is happy to work one on one with you! Please reach out using that link and they'll provide directions for next steps. 



This issue does not appear to be going away - in fact, it seems to be getting worse for us.

It's very strange, as we have not made any updates to the LMS and the SCORM packages are as they have been for 6 months without issue.

This isn't affecting all users and is all coming up ok in SCORM, but there are issues in recording the course completion for a number of users.  Worse still, is it is affecting a whole variety of courses.  It is almost as if there is something browser related occassionally preventing the completion status from passing - similar to how the Flash issues sometimes prevent course interactions (despite being published to HTML5 with Flash back up).

Am I alone in this or are other users still experiencing issues?

Phil Mayor

If you track by slides viewed I would always use learning objects inside of Moodle, that said when I administered a Moodle site with over 3000 users we would regularly get about 1% of users failing to complete a course. 

You can reduce the numbers by ensuring your grade book has a score assigned to it, but some of these are where the user times out when completing the exam and no longer has a connection to the LMS or other technical issues.


Hi Phil, many thnaks for your reply.  When you say "always use learning objects inside Moodle", what do you mean exactly?

We currently track using the "Coure Complete" trigger - which is set to activate at the start of the timeline of the final slide (users wouldn't know they had finished the course until they reached this slide).

We don't currently grade - it's simply a "Complete" or "Incomplete" - if that helps at all :)

Paula Thrall

I am new to Storyline 360...trialing it.  Am looking at SCORM as a solution to the moodle/H5P completion tracking problems we are having on our LMS (OpenLMS) site. Reading these comments I'm wondering if we will only create more problems. Are you still having these tracking problems?  Is there a place to understand best practices apply a Storyline SCORM to a moodle-based LMS? Thanks for your reply.  

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Paula.

Thank you for reaching out! 

I've noticed you've posted on other discussions with this question and that you also reached out to our support engineers. Thank you for opening a case!

I'll let others more familiar with Moodle provide some insights for you here, but I also wanted to add a suggestion.

You can use an LMS testing environment, such as SCORM Cloud, to test how your course behaves before uploading it to Moodle. Check out this step-by-step article!

If your course works as expected in SCORM Cloud but for some reason doesn't work in your LMS, I would advise you to reach out to Moodle for more information.

You're probably familiar with this, but Moodle has a very active community with a popular SCORM forum.  

If you have issues with a specific course you created, you can also open a support case here, so we can take a closer look at your settings.

Let me know if this works!

Paula Thrall

Hi Maria, thanks for responding. Yes, I've already did reach out in multiple places--including Moodle!

I will try out the SCORM cloud. Thanks for sharing that article.

From what I have gathered while reviewing some of the discussions here and on moodle, I have concerns that adopting SL360 SCORM vs. sticking with H5P may not make much of a difference solving problems with tracking completions. Both have problems!