Selecting Motion Paths already established

Feb 22, 2021

Am I missing something? I have 2 motion paths for one object moving one way on motion path 1 and the other way for motion path 2.

I want to change to the timing of each independently but since they are superimposed over each other graphically, I don't see any easy way that I can see to select each one. Why isn't there a drop down available in the motion path names to do this easily?

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Sally Wiedenbeck

Unfortunately you're not missing anything, that's just a frustrating way that it works right now. If you have triggers associated with the motion paths, selecting the trigger will select the corresponding motion path. Otherwise, you may have to move the top path up or down while you work on them, and move it back when done.

Bill Vernola

Thanks for the response. However, I respectfully disagree with your assessment. I selected a trigger in the list referencing a motion path and the only item to get selected in the slide (or layer) is the object itself. Leaving the object selected, and selecting each tab at the top of the window showed that on the Animations tab showed Motion Paths, but it shows all motion paths with no avenue for selecting the individual one. thank You. I appreciate your input. It just appears it is a shortcoming of the program features.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks, Bill. I appreciate you sharing that example with me and I can understand how overlapping motion paths can be difficult to navigate.

You can toggle between the selected motion paths using Shift + Tab to do so. I recorded a quick Peek 360 video to explain.

In addition, I've included this conversation in our feature request where an animation pane, for more control, has been requested.

Mark Fensom

Hi Leslie. Thanks for that worked for me.

I have an object with four motion paths. If I correctly select the first motion path I created, Shift + Tab will cycle through until I reach the fourth. If I choose the second motion path I created, I only get to see motion paths 2, 3 and 4. 

An easy fix would be returning to the first motion path and cycling through them all instead of selecting another object.