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Jun 13, 2018

Hi !

I use two feedback masters (one for try mode steps, and one for test mode steps). I would like my feedback master try mode to be the default feedback but I don't succeed in doing it .... 

I tried several things : change order of the two feedback, insert my new try mode slides in a scene which already use the good feedback master... but it is always the wrong feedback that is use .... 

Do you know a way to do this ? 

Thank you for your help !

Kind regards,



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Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your answer !

Yes I do that when I want to change feedback layer on a slide, but the problem is I have to do this manually on each slide.... That's why I would like to define a default feedback master from the beginning ... 

You will find my file attached. As you can see, I have two feedback masters : Feedback Simulation and Exercice. I would like the first feedback "feedback simulation" to automatically apply when I insert a new "step-by-step" slide. But, you can see on new scene "1 try scene" I added that it is feedback "exercice" which applies...

I hope it will be clearer with the file attached !

Thank you for your help !  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Justine, 

When using a feedback master, the built-in/initial feedback master is what will be applied to slide layers by default. Any others you create will have to be applied manually. 

In your file, it looks like you may have deleted the built-in one and created your own? Instead of that, modify the original and then create the second one. That way you'll only have to apply the second one manually as all questions will use the original default.  Here's a bit more info on using feedback masters.

Frankie Duda

I'm sorry, but this is just nonsense.  I should be able to select any of my many feedback masters to be the default before creating the slides.  There is so, so much in this program that requires tedious, time-consuming manual work - requiring the creation of custom feedback slides in order to simply reveal the correct answer to the user at the time the response is submitted (NOT at the end of the quiz), creating a layer for each and every FAQ response, etc.  Then to discover, a week before I am to publish my tutorial, that all of my information icons are linked to the timeline and cannot be linked to the video (virtually all of my slides contain videos and the user is allowed to pause, rewind, and forward as they please), is just enough.  I now have to add a disclaimer explaining that all of the information icons (which are referenced in the videos and so cannot be removed) will show up randomly if the user does anything on the slide other than play it from the beginning of the slide without stopping. 

And do not get me started on the constant crashing of the program.  Just don't.

I realize this is not the forum for this rant, but I it was this  response that made me just wish I could dump this entire program and start from scratch so my vent lands here.   

Crystal Horn

Hey Frankie. Thanks for sharing your honest feedback. I'm going to share your thoughts with my team and send you a feature request confirmation about choosing default layouts. 

If you are having any other issues that are getting in the way of your work, our support team is always happy to work with you.