Set scroll position in Scrolling Panel

Nov 11, 2013

Please help guys!

I have implemented a scroll panel which has about 8 text entry boxes and at a given time only one text box is displayed to user. Now the requirement is to display one among 8 text boxes based on the slide user is i.e. set the scroll position to show directly 6th or 7th box.......(check the screenshot)

Is this possible and how ????

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Lynn Kepford

A lot of time has passed since this post. Has anything changed that now makes it possible to set the scroll position in a Scrolling Panel? The content of this panel is to be text consisting of procedural steps. Each step will be shown on a separate slide with the textual instructions beside it. I want to have text displayed in the panel match the step shown on the slide. Can this be done with a scrolling panel? If not, I'd welcome suggestions for a different approach.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Lynn, unfortunately it's not possible to set the position of the scrolling panel, but I can understand how that would be beneficial for your design. You're welcome to submit a feature request on that, if you'd like! The more requests we get for a particular feature, the more we can see how in demand that feature is!

Another idea would be use an accordion-style interaction, with the appropriate step open on each slide. Hopefully other community members will chime in with ideas, as well!

Lynn Kepford

Thanks for getting back to me and for your suggested solution. I also came up with a work around, which is to create an image of a scrolling panel on a base layer and inserting text beginning at the desired starting point. Then placing a hotspot over the arrow which opens a layer containing a real scrolling panel that the user use to navigate to the desired position. I've attached the file in case anyone would want to use or reference it.

If anyone else in the community has another suggestion, I'd love to hear it.