Skipping Video After Viewing Once In Storyline

Jul 20, 2023

Is it possible to skip a video in Storyline after the viewer has viewed it once? So they must view the video once and then after this allowing them to rewind or fast-forward? 

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Walt Hamilton


He started with the player.

and chose which video controls to show:

The triangle is the play button. It's already part of the system.

The secret to what he did is to make something that prevents the learner from clicking on those controls the first time through.

He created a shape, filled it with color, and placed it to cover all the controls. Then he right clicked it, chose format, and set the transparency to 100% (Note that I have heard of instances where 100% doesn't work, so I always use a percentage between 95 and 99.)

Since it is transparent, you can see through it, and not cut off the bottom of the video, but if you try to click the controls, you click the shape instead and not the controls. Here you can see the shape with its transparency set to 0, to make it visible:

To use it, you should set the transparency to 99% again.

Then he left a little message to SL to say, "The video has played once." That message looks like this:


It uses a variable because that is the only way one part of SL can communicate with another. VidBlock is a T/F variable he created for this purpose. It defaults to False, but this trigger sets it to true when the video has played. (You can also use "when media completes") Then when the learner returns to this slide again, he left it a note that says, "Allow the learner to use video controls now, because they have already seen the video once." That message looks like this:

Rectangle 1 is the shape that prevents the learner from clicking on the controls. When they come back to the slide, the timeline starts again. If VidBlock is true (meaning the video has played once), the shape is changed to the built-in state "Hidden", which is exactly what it sounds like. Since the shape is hidden, when the learner tries to use the video controls, the shape is not there to intercept the clicks, so the controls function.