SL 360: Embedding youtube videos


Trying to embed a youtube video - should be straightforward - but I'm finding it a real head scratcher.

Issue 1:
1. I want the video to autostart when it's loaded. I've tried the autostart=1 (see article below) and a marker/trigger - no glory: Cannot make the youtube video autostart

Issue 2:
In an effort to workaround Issue #1:

1. I've tried 'Insert Video' and using the youtube embed code - and that does work when I publish - the video does appear (but doesn't autostart)

2. However, when I try to Insert/Web Object and simply use the youtube link (not the embed code) as directed in article below - when I publish the object indicates 'youtube refused connection' or I just get a broken link grey screen.

Tried https:. Tried http: No glory. 

Goal: Display a youtube video that autostarts on load.


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