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Ana Herrera

after 10 years nothing had changed...what is the point of all this commentaries and suggestions?

Im kind of new in SLand amazed after working many years with other design programs and ANY program in general, how easy is to export, to print, to make a jpg..something!
but here even the option of Publish to word doesnt work for many people,.. why is that?

is that option really so difficult to do??  what is the real issue? .. and  why when i click Print it taked me to publish??

Lauren Connelly

Hi Ana!

To print a Storyline course, you have to publish to Word, which includes screenshots in the published output version. If you do not see the screenshots in the published Word document, you'll want to change the Screenshot Size in the Publishing screen. Once you have the Word document open, you can customize the layout however you would like.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Elizabeth Willisson

Hi Lauren this is not the request that we've been asking for all these years.  The Word output is great for review of the slides but to be able to print the Story View allows review of the flow and connectivity.  I'll be sure to add my request to what must be a large number of requests for this over the decade.

Liezel Wilson

This initial planning (the story view) forms the basis of all our projects. Thus, in my opinion, the option to print and view the story view in more detail, should have been a main feature of Storyline.

How can it be so difficult to create an option for this?

My request to add to all the others is: to be able to Print the story view, plus having the option to zoom into certain parts. Print the main story view and print the zoomed areas separately as well.

I don't think that it is reflecting good on your company, that after 9-10 years of having it as a "POPULAR FEATURE REQUEST", we still can't print a Story View diagram.