Storyline 360 - Animate In By Paragraph Missing Words and Lines

I'm encountering a super frustrating bug in Storyline 360. 

Whenever I use the Animate In By Paragraph option, there is a chance that it will either;

  1. Completely skips lines in the paragraph,
  2. Completely skip an entire paragraph, or,
  3. Delay the paragraph from appearing, throwing off all timings for the rest of the slide.

I've found a "fix" where I just move the paragraph back and forth in the timeline, and it seems to fix it, but then it also appears that they just decide to break on their own. So I fix the issue, it previews correctly, I move on to other slides to fix the issue, and it just breaks again, but sometimes it doesn't break, but one that previously worked fine, now no longer works. Then, when I publish the module to Review 360 or to a SCORM, I find that they are broken again. 

I've attached a video to further demonstrate the issue. 

I've tried updating SL, rewriting the paragraphs, and even just starting again, but I have had this happen in 3 separate storyline files on multiple machines now. 

Any assistance would be great, as this bug is making the review process of making modules extremely tedious and makes SL nearly unusable. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Alistair,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing a video of what you're experiencing! I was unable to replicate the issue on a sample file, but let's double-check a few items:

  • Are you saving locally? If you have a file saved to a network drive or have it synced to a cloud-based storage program, it can cause issues with erratic behavior.
  • Are you on the latest update? You can go to the Help tab and click About Storyline to check.

If all is good on those items, I'd like to have our support team review one of your .story files and help troubleshoot. Feel free to share it with us here.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Alistair,

Thank you for the additional information.

The sync process temporarily locks the file. While you're working on your Storyline file, it's being locked by OneDrive every time there is a modification, which is what causes the erratic issues Ren mentioned above.

The two options to get around this are:

  1. Move the file to a truly local drive (no sync at all).
  2. Pause syncing for the cloud drive so there is no attempt to save the changes to the cloud as you are working with the file.

If you'd prefer to work with one of our support engineers, you can reach them directly here.