storyline 360 can't save my project (low memory error)

Feb 22, 2018


I'm working on some project. I have done 5-4 slides. Sudenly SL360 starts to work very, very, very slow (almost can't do anything in it). I can't even save my project. It's happening to me few times already after working with one file for 3-4 hours. I'm sending screenshots from two errors (I'm getting those when I try to save my project). I have 32 GB of ram, so it's not a problem. I'm working on windows 10 64bit.

My slides contain: 4 photos, 15-20 buttons, 15-20 text files, few shape objects, 10-15 layers with one audio.

edit: SL360 starts working slower gradually.
When I reopen my file, it's all good and program takes only 400MB from memory. I think taht problems start when it's reaching ~3GB of RAM.

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Allison Nowak

I've been getting a similar problem, even 4 years later. I'm getting a "Project file could not be saved" message with the ApiCode of [E_OUTOFMEMORY/Out of memory].

Not sure why this would be happening since my computer's memory is nowhere near at full capacity.

Sometimes when I reboot, the problem goes away, but them I'm losing the last 20 minutes or so of work.

Tom Bos

And four years later, after this complaint and many others, the problem is still there. Storyline is one big nightmare to work with if you making large projects.

Support can only say the same thing to all people complaining about it. Safe on your C drive, don't use USB or network, etc etc. Pointing to the customer's hardware and their behaviour while it is a bug in their own software. 

I lost days of work with all the crashes and with problems saving. Saving takes minutes if it does not give an error like Not enough memory or Parameter is invalid.

I almost throw my PC out of the window from frustration if again al my work is gone. How dare you ask so much money for such a crappy program.

It is frustrating and destructive for your health.

How about fixing it after years of complaints ?

Alan Sodenkamp