Storyline 360 - Custom Quiz Slide Layouts

Feb 09, 2022

Hello everyone!

I'm having a hell of a time trying to set up some simple layouts for quiz questions.

My thought was that I could create a few layouts, like I would for content slides, create the quiz questions (using Slides>Graded Question) then go back and "apply layout" to each of the questions. Is this the correct workflow?

I read somewhere that Quiz Question Slides use the "blank" slide layout in what ever Slide Master you're using, so I tried to style that but didn't have any luck.  

Am I wrong in my assumption that I can use layouts on quiz questions in the same way I use them for content slides?

Do I have to style the quiz slides individually? 

Thanks everyone!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Serko,

By default, quiz questions use the "Question" layout. There's also a "Question with Media" layout.

I think it'd be better for you to adjust the master Question layout before creating your question slides. (You can always tweak each question slide as needed.)

  • It's vital that you keep the two default text boxes ("Question Choice" and "Question Title") at the top of the Question layout's timeline. Otherwise, your content will get screwed up. 

 By the way, the Correct, Incorrect, Try Again, and Review layers for a question use corresponding layouts in the FEEDBACK master. Here's my post about customizing those: 

Serko Srabonian

Hi @Judy Nollet! Thanks for the reply.

In my list of Slide Masters, I don't have any layouts labeled "Question" or "Question with Media". Could I have, perhaps deleted those layouts when I was trying to clean up my Slide Masters?

Also, I don't seem to have any place holder elements called "Question Title" or "Question Text". Are you just placing a text place holder on the slide and changing the default place holder name from "Slide Text" to "Question Title" and "Question Text"?

Thanks again!



Judy Nollet

Hi again, Serko,

Yeah, you must have deleted the Question layouts. They're always included when you create a new SL file. 

If your project is too far along to start over, you could create a new file with a Question slide, and then import that slide into your file. That will bring in the Question master, and you'll be able to adjust it as desired and apply it to question slides in your project. And that master will have the "Question Title" and "Question Text" placeholders. 

  • FYI: Importing a slide from another project also imports its Master Slide and Master Layouts. So I suggest deleting all the layouts except for the Question one before you import the question slide into your project.