Storyline crashes when trigger conditions added

Good afternoon team. Regardless of content, Storyline reliably crashes when I attempt to add conditions to a trigger.

Clicking the dropdown in conditions will show the options of variables, objects, window. If I SELECT any of those buttons to see a list, storyline immediately throws an error, and crashes the course. This happens on empty single slide courses, as well as ones with content.

I have attempted uninstalling and reinstalling Storyline, and uninstalling and reinstalling EVERYTHING, including Articulate 360.

Any ideas? Thanks everyone.

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Joseph Francis

Well...technically there haven't actually been any promises of the issue being fixed in a future upgrade, because Articulate's line has consistently been "we don't see the problem on our end, so there's nothing for us to fix." The mouthpieces here allegedly pass the issue to the Support "Engineers"...and that's the last anyone hears of it. 2 years and counting 🤬