Storyline - QUIZ Fail, Course EXIT and Reset

Apr 11, 2024

Hi there, having a problem with course completion when quiz fails. 

We have built the course with quiz questions peppered through out the course. We give the learner two chances to get the quiz question correct. If they fail to get 80% we want to have the course end and when they return to the course it is reset at the beginning to retake as if new. At the end, the results slide has a pass/fail layer. If they pass then move to the next slide, but if they fail it should end and resent when they click on the Exit/Close button. 

To do this, we have the fail layer say, "you failed" and we added a Exit/close button, and the pass layer, they go onto a final completion slide and then at the end of the course have a Exit/close button. 

If they pass, the course completes when they click the Exit/Close button which has the Trigger "Exit Course"  assigned to it, the course closes as expected and they start it again as new. The problem is if they fail, when they fail and click on the Exit/Close button, and return to the course, the course resumes on the fail slide where they exited....I can't seem to make the course reset and restart. I've added three triggers to the fail layer to try and resolve ("Complete course as Incomplete/Failed" - "Restart Course" - and "Exit Course") but when I exit the course and go back, I'm still at the failure layer and the course isn't restarted. In the publishing I also tried changing the LMS Reporting from "Passed/Incomplete" to "Passed/Failed" with no luck. 

Any suggestions on how to resolve so that course resets would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Jose Tansengco

Hi Doug,

Happy to look into this for you!

The order in which triggers are executed is important in ensuring a course functions as designed. In your case, you'll want to ensure that the "Restart Course" trigger is executed successfully before allowing your learners to exit so they will be taken to the very beginning of your course when they resume.

If your triggers are in the right order, meaning the "Restart course" trigger is positioned on top of the "Exit course" trigger in the trigger order, please share a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a support case so we can see how we can modify your triggers to get the course to restart. We'll delete it when we're done testing!

Doug Dewan

Hi Jose, thank you for taking the time to look into this. I'm not sure there is a solution however. I had a response from Case #00834110 that said this isn't a feature Articulate offers at this time. I have added a test story file here should you wish to review. I tested again based on what you suggested and was not able to obtain the desired effect. In a nutshell, we want to be able to give the user an opportunity to answer each question twice, if they fail (below 80%) then the course will reset and relock after exiting. The reason for the requirement for the relock, is the questions we have are peppered through the course, and if it doesn't get relocked, then they can't retake all the questions, they can jump to the end and answer just the last ones and complete the course. It's important that the menu relocks after course failure and exit. Hopefully this is a feature articulate will come out with as I see many people have asked for this over the last 6 years in the community. 

Jose Tansengco

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the additional information. My apologies as well for getting the restart and reset functionalities crossed. It looked like my colleague Robert was able to explain what is currently possible in the support case you opened. We'll let you know if the feature to restart an entire course gets added to our product roadmap!

Nedim Ramic

It appears that this bug has been known for some time. Interestingly, the 'Restart course' trigger functions as intended in Locked menu mode. Your optimal solution would be to utilize Locked menu mode (ensure 'Lock Next / Previous buttons' is unchecked). Avoid implementing the 'Exit course' trigger on the Failed layer. Instead, provide a button solely for restarting the course (Restart course trigger). This action will take you to the beginning and reset the course to its initial state with all slides locked once again.

Doug Dewan

Our final solution was to have the course navigate to another slide if they fail the quiz, then on that slide, there is direction to restart the course rather than resume in the LMS. Not ideal but seems to be the only way to ensure that the course will indeed be restarted and locked again. This is a compliance course so no bugs are glitches can be allowed. Thanks to everyone for their feedback and assistance in trying to find a solution. Hopefully Articulate will come up with a "reset course" trigger sometime down the road.